What’s New in the Automation Success Platform .32

We're excited to announce the release of Automation 360 .32, packed with groundbreaking features designed to improve your automation workflows. We're always listening to your feedback and striving to up our game to help you tap into the latest and greatest in intelligent automation.Ready to explore what’s new? Let's dive into the top five features of the .32 release. Top 5 Features of the .32 Release:GenAI Enhanced Document Automation: Effortlessly extract table data from various documents.Generative Recorder: Minimize business disruptions and improve dev productivity.GenerativeAI Command Packages for Google Gemini and Open AI Assistant: Low code, plug-and-play access to cutting-edge innovation.Connector Builder and API-Based Automation: Create and customize API-based connector packages with ease.Desktop Automations in Process Composer: Leverage local execution of Bot Tasks in process composer for Automation Co-Pilot users. GenAI Enhanced Document AutomationSay goodbye to tedious manual data extraction from documents. With GenAI enhanced Document Automation, extracting table data from various documents is now effortless. Our integration with GenAI simplifies the extraction process, eliminating the need for complex training or configuration. Enjoy versatile document compatibility and flexible data extraction methods, empowering you to extract valuable insights from contracts, reports, invoices, and more. Generative RecorderEnsure automation resiliency in web-based scenarios with Generative Recorder. This feature significantly improves automation resiliency by adapting to changes in web applications, minimizing business disruptions caused by upgrades or modifications. With Generative Recorder, developers can focus on new automation opportunities, while GenAI recommendations automatically update UI element paths, ensuring seamless automation execution. GenerativeAI Command Packages for Google Gemini and Open AI AssistantUnlock the power of advanced AI models with native command packages for Google Gemini and Open AI Assistant. Seamlessly integrate these AI models into your automation workflows to enhance productivity and drive innovation. With simplified integration and expanded AI automation capabilities, you can leverage AI across various data types, including text, images, audio, video, and code. Connector Builder and API-Based AutomationIntegrate any SaaS app or service with our Connector Builder Tool. Create custom connectors without Java dependencies in minutes, enabling rapid creation and flexible package management. With API-based automation, developers can run API tasks directly from the Control Room, accelerating development timelines and enhancing automation agility. Desktop Automations in Process ComposerExecute automations locally on the desktop of Automation Co-Pilot users, ensuring data compliance and rapid response times for customer service use cases. With desktop activities running in child windows, users can work in parallel without disruption, while process orchestration remains seamlessly integrated within Automation Co-Pilot. Enjoy enhanced data security, time-sensitive automation execution, and a true embedded experience in your preferred web application. Available Now!The Automation 360 .32 release is available now! Want to dive deep into the granular details of the .32 release? Access the full Release Notes here.

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Micah's Top 5 Picks from the .31 Release

 I've been diving into the new features from the .31 release and, honestly, I'm really excited. I always geek out digging into the newest and best capabilities of the Automation Success Platform — and the .31 is bringing the heat 🔥 Below are my top 5 developer features from this release that I believe are game-changers. A more in-depth explanation on these features, check out my video.... and if you want to go EVEN deeper — check out our new .31 release training available on Automation Anywhere University that show you how to use some of this new stuff. Check them out!Without further ado, let’s get to it. #5 - Device Data on Automation Command Center: Know Your Bots Inside OutStarting with number 5, we've got something many of you have been asking for: detailed metrics and reporting data on device utilization. It's a cool addition to the Automation Command Center, giving us the nitty-gritty on device performance. Whether it's online status, bot agent updates, or utilization metrics, this feature is a goldmine for spotting issues or planning your automation schedules more effectively. Make sure your account's permissions are set up right to dive into this data feast!Documentation link with more details on Automation Command Center #4 - Gen AI Package Updates: Unleash CreativityAt number 4, the generative AI package has been souped-up big time. Now supporting a broader range of models from top AI providers, it's like having a Swiss Army knife for Intelligent Automation. Whether you're keeping it cost-effective with simpler tasks or going all out with custom models, the flexibility here is just fantastic. It's a must-check-out for anyone looking to spice up their automation game with some AI flair.Documentation link with more details on the Gen AI Package Updates #3 - Document Automation with Gen AI: Tame the UnstructuredComing in at number 3 are the updates to document automation using Gen AI. This feature basically enables you to have a conversation with your documents, asking for exactly what you need, regardless of the format chaos. With new tricks like RegexExtract, admin controls over service connectors, and advanced training settings, handling unstructured documents like emails, legal filings, and contracts has never been easier. If you haven't dabbled in document automation yet, now's the time!Documentation link with more details on Document Automation #2 - API Tasks: Cloud-Powered Automation FreedomNumber 2 is a personal favorite of mine: API Tasks. This is a game-changer. Imagine executing automations in the cloud, free from the shackles of on-premise infrastructure. Whether you're integrating in real-time through a user interface or processing tasks in the background, the possibilities are endless. Built with a familiar low-code approach, these tasks are perfect for database lookups, CRUD operations via API in an application of choice... you name it. If it's API-driven, API Tasks have you covered. As organizations transition from a task-first architecture for automations to a process-first architecture for automations, these API tasks will become immensely valuable.Documentation link with more details on API Tasks #1 - Co-Pilot for Automators: AI-Driven DevelopmentAnd now, drumroll, please... my top pick from the .31 release is the Co-Pilot for Automators. Yes, it’s here! Think of it as your AI sidekick, ready to transform your process descriptions into ready-to-run automations. Whether you're in the Process Composer or the bot development Workbench, Co-Pilot is there to speed things up, even suggesting the next best action to take. It's built on a proprietary AI model, fueled by decades of automation experience and a treasure trove of anonymous metadata from millions of automation runs. And the best part? It gets smarter with every use, continually refining its capabilities based on your feedback.Documentation link with more details on Co-Pilot for AutomatorsSo, that's the rundown of my top 5 dev features from the .31 release. Each of these brings something unique to the table, making our lives as automation developers that much easier and more exciting. I'm eager to hear your thoughts and see what you all create with these new tools at your disposal.Don't forget to check out the video for a deeper dive into each feature, and hit me up in the comments with your top picks and experiences. Until next time, keep automating and innovating! 

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What's New in the Automation Success Platform .31

 We’ve got some incredible new features with the release of Automation Success Platform .31! With this latest release, you’ll be able to produce intelligent, interoperable automations like never before.As always, we’re listening to your feedback and working to provide the best product and solutions to meet your needs and allow you to harness the latest innovations in intelligent automation. Let's dive into the top 5 features of .31! Automation Co-Pilot for AutomatorsAutomation Co-Pilot for Automators gives automation center-of-excellence leaders and developers the boost they've been looking for. Put generative AI to work for up to a 55% increase in productivity by using natural language to accelerate the build of your automations. Automation Co-Pilot for Automators will automatically create the code you need without having to drag and drop components onto the page. What’s more, as part of this “creation conversation,” Automation Co-Pilot will also suggest the next-best action to add to your automation to level it up beyond what you initially requested—like an auto-complete for your automation. All of this adds up to 55% faster development, 55% more automations, doubling your ROI.  Document Automation Tired of the struggle to extract data from semi-structured invoices? Our latest Document Automation update helps you easily retrieve difficult-to-extract data, like tracking numbers. Watch the demo to see how a professional developer uses this generative AI-powered upgrade to automate finance department processes. Put intelligent document processing (IDP) to work today!  API TasksAre you struggling with slow and inefficient business processes? API Tasks is now available in the .31 release and can enhance speed, efficiency, and user experience. Get near real-time automation responses and significantly improve your business operations today with the latest Automation 360 release.  Comprehensive Automation Coverage for Citrix XenAppsWith .31 the Automation Success Platform supports Citrix XenApp-powered virtualization of end-to-end automation infrastructure including virtualization of the control room. This enables our customers to achieve the necessary standardization and security by hosting the control room and business applications on a centralized Citrix server.  Enhanced Security for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace AppsWith our OAuth2 centralized token management system, we offer a more secure way of authenticating your apps. Learn how our centralized token management system helps you meet IT and security compliances. Enhance your security posture today with Automation 360.  Available Now!The Automation 360 .31 release is available now! Want to dive deep into the granular details of the .30 release? Access the full Release Notes here. 

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Top 5 Enhancements from v.30 You Don’t Want to Miss

  With October came the rollout of our newest developer release to the Automation Success Platform: v.30. Hopefully, by now, you and your automation team have had a chance to see, test, and put into action some of the sleek updates and highly requested enhancements. But, in case you've been hunkered down with some of your own pressing developments, Automation Anywhere's resident guru, Micah Smith, ranked his top 5 updates from the .30 developer release. We're here to countdown those picks and share all the details on how valuable they can be to you! #5 - New Homepage Widgets, aka: Updates to the Automation Command CenterThe Automation Command Center is a quick-view dashboard with different views based on your role, meaning the widgets and operational automation details you'll see in your dashboard will be tailored to what's relevant to you! If you're a Developer, your dashboard will summarize information like device status, recent automations you've been working on, and a code analysis from our Code Quality Analyzer. On the other hand, if you're an Automation Leader, the dashboard will act as a roll-up of operational metrics such as licenses, device utilization, automation run hours, and recent successful and failed automations. To learn more about these views and the customization options you have, hit the docs portal for some additional details. #4 - OAuth2 Support for the REST API PackageIf you're unfamiliar, Open Authorization 2 (OAuth2) is a standard protocol that enables third-party applications to access users' data without exposing their credentials. Consider it a valet key for your digital accounts that grants OAuth2 a limited-use "key" to perform specific tasks. With OAuth2, you can ensure your processes are efficient and follow best practices for user authentication and data protection, eliminating the need for automators to have access to or storage for credentials. Once the connections are set up using encrypted tokens, any application-specific package or REST action can have access to this authentication, meaning you don't have to worry about how to map several different fields using credential vault values. You set up the connection once, and then you can select it from a list when building out new automations. Now that's textbook "easy peasy!" Find more details here on how to configure OAuth2. #3 Gen AI Dedicated Command PackageAs of today, this newly released package supports OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, Google Vertex AI, Anthropic, and Amazon Bedrock. Moving forward, expect that any new generative AI providers that are supported will have their actions added to this package. In case you missed Micah's previous videos on the decoupling of packages from the core platform, we want to highlight that package updates can happen off release-cycle. So don't be surprised if you log in and discover new capabilities available to you. It's also worth mentioning that if a particular generative AI provider is not consistently returning the results you're looking for, we recommend you consider trying one of the other options we have listed here. In our own experience, we've used OpenAI for some things and Google Vertex AI for others. Not all LLMs are made equal, and exploring which ones give you the best, most consistent results is worth exploring! See more details here on how to set up and use the Gen AI Command Package. #2 Automation TemplatesThis feature request came directly from our user community! If you haven't heard us preach the benefits of building automations with consistency, frankly, you've been living under a rock! Error handling, logging, log management, metrics, and even notifications should all be done the same way across every automation you build. Templates are the no-brainer way to accomplish that. To create a template, start by creating a task bot. Then, rather than clicking save, you'll notice a new dropdown selection in the top right corner that enables you to "Save as Template." Before you do this, however, ensure you've created your template task bot in a dedicated templates folder or common folder since you'll likely create more template variations down the road. Once you save your task bot as a template and check it into public, you can then create new task bots leveraging that template. A big win for time savings and development consistency! Bonus: Micah posted a template on our Automation Anywhere GitHub for you to try - view it here and give it a test run! #1 Gen AI-Powered Document AutomationMicah saved the best for last first! This was another solution our community has been asking for, but was unfortunately out of the realm of possibility before generative AI. We're thrilled to report that you can say goodbye to the headache of unstructured documents that have eluded document automation solutions until now. Using our new generative AI-powered Document Automation, you can set up the field you want to capture within an unstructured document and define the question you want answered within the search query box (e.g. what’s the contract date?). The document will then be parsed, and the generative AI model will provide the answer. But that's not all regarding the new document automation benefits in the .30 release! Some additional features include support for out-of-the-box logistics and supply chain document formats such as bills of lading. A game changer for so many of our customers! Hit the link to learn more about combining the power of generative AI with Document Automation. Honorable MentionThis is not technically part of the product release, but it’s a significant update Micah wanted to be sure to call out to our community. That is - the API Documentation on the docs portal has been completely overhauled and improved. We've made it much easier to understand and visualize than ever before. If you've expressed interest in digging into our Control Room API, this is the best way to start and understand exactly how the API works. You can peruse the API documentation to your heart’s content here. Feedback WelcomeDid one of your favorite features make this list? If not, what would you rank as your top 5? We’d love to hear what features were most important to you! Drop us a line and let us know. Your feedback always helps inform how we move forward to provide the best solutions for our community.  

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Automation Anywhere + Amazon Web Services: Supercharging AI-Powered Automation, Responsibly

We’re thrilled to announce that Automation Anywhere and Amazon Web Services (AWS) entered into a multi-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA). Together, we are collaborating to make AI-powered automation easy, practical, and cost-effective, while ensuring responsible use of this transformative technology. By working together, we’ll empower enterprises to harness the full potential of the Automation Success Platform within their AWS investments.  Automation + Generative AI: A Transformative DuoAutomation combined with Generative AI is promised to reshape industries, enhance productivity, and drive innovation. The collaboration between AWS and Automation Anywhere brings these transformative technologies to your doorstep. Here's what this means for you:Accelerate your automation journey: If you've been considering AI-powered automation but were unsure where to start, this collaboration provides a clear path forward. You can now harness the full breadth of the Automation Success Platform with the support of AWS, enabling you to accelerate your automation journey. Efficiency at its best: With AI-powered automation, you can streamline complex tasks, reduce manual intervention, and optimize processes. This means improved efficiency, reduced operational costs, and the ability to focus on what truly matters — delivering exceptional customer experiences. Uncover new possibilities: The integration of Automation Anywhere with AWS opens the door to a world of possibilities. It allows you to explore innovative ways to enhance your business operations, from customer service to data analysis, all powered by automation and AI.McKinsey research finds that Automation + Generative AI will unlock 30% of all hours worked by 2030. AWS and Automation Anywhere are helping you realize this potential, faster. A Closer Look: First Integration Project Will Drastically Accelerate Handling TimeTo illustrate the real-world impact of this collaboration, let's take a closer look at the first solution we're actively working on with AWS — an integration with Amazon Connect. Imagine service agents who can seamlessly launch intelligent automation directly within Amazon Connect. This integration bridges external applications and personas, enabling service agents to assist customers more efficiently. Here’s a real-world example:Let’s say an insurance provider that uses AWS receives an email request for an insurance quote. Generative AI can process the unstructured email to extract any information that can be helpful in providing a quote. From there, Automation Co-Pilot can intelligently orchestrate data look-up and retrieval in Salesforce and realtor.com before bringing it all back to Amazon Connect for agent review.  Already the agent has streamlined the process and saved time, but there’s more! After the agent reviews the case, they can initiate a quote generation workflow via Automation Co-Pilot. Data across systems gets updated. Then, Generative AI drafts custom emails. The agent can review, edit, and personalize this email to their liking before sending it to the customer. A complex process was simplified into a few simple steps for the agent, helping them boost efficiency. The customer gets a faster response to their inquiry, improving customer satisfaction. Plus, automation can help ensure compliance with regulatory mandates, giving the organization peace of mind. It’s a win for everyone. The results speak for themselves: 100% average handle time acceleration and streamlined complex case resolution.  This is just the beginningThis new partnership marks a significant step toward a future where automation and generative AI are seamlessly integrated into business operations. It empowers businesses to drive efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and explore new horizons of innovation. We look forward to developing targeted, industry-specific solutions that will completely transform the way companies work across their organization. As we embark on this exciting journey, we encourage you to explore our solutions on the AWS Marketplace. The possibilities are endless, and together with AWS and Automation Anywhere, you can be at the forefront of this transformative wave.

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Level Up Your Customer Service with Automation + Gen AI with our free Solution Pack

Next-generation intelligent automation is rapidly becoming synonymous with generative AI. The value of integrating generative AI into the core capabilities of automation architecture is becoming invaluable to automation programs across the globe. However, as with any emerging technology, smart automators are being careful, methodical, and intentional about gradually and responsibly integrating generative AI to ensure ongoing security compliance, auditability, and maintainability within their organizations.To offer our customers a reliable first step in their journey to integrate automation and generative AI, we have carefully curated three sets of quick-start solutions that will help drive transformative business impact via employee productivity, customer service, and complex document automation. Today, we want to focus on the leading operational area for improvement across industries: customer service.Customer service is the heart of customer experience and success. However, the complexity of orchestrating customer solutions across multiple systems is the crux of customer dissatisfaction. According to the latest Customer Management Practice report, agents spend nearly 70% of the case time gathering information from multiple systems (on average, five different systems!) before resolving the tickets, resulting in a frustrating and substandard average handle time (AHT) for both customers and agents.Before now, the context, semantics, and priority-level of inquiries could not be understood and addressed effectively with existing technology. Now, with Automation Anywhere, automators can responsibly leverage this new technology to accelerate agent productivity and improve customer experience. With the Customer Service Solution Pack, an agent can initiate an AI-powered workflow inside their core work application, such as ServiceNow, SAP, Workday, and more, and streamline their end-to-end process, resulting in a faster resolution, happier customer, and happier employee.IT Help Desk ScenarioLet us take you through an IT Help Desk L1 triage scenario to demonstrate how masterfully this solution package can optimize a customer service process.The as-is manual process requires an agent to sift through multiple complaint tickets and support requests in an inbox. The tickets could run the gamut of cases—from hardware or software issues to unique problems outside of what’s readily available in an organization’s knowledge base. All that to say, it’s an extremely time-consuming process for an agent to decipher each ticket, determine the next steps, reference other systems to find a resolution, record the resolution in the ITSM, and finally respond to the customer. Instead, here is how the Customer Service Solution Package cuts a 24-hour process down to less than 5 minutes:Automation Co-Pilot is embedded into the agent’s primary work application, which for this demo is ServiceNow. The agent will start by initiating an AI-powered ticket processing automation in ServiceNow. Generative AI, in this case, we’re using VertexAI, can translate languages and parse text before handing off the inquiries to an automation. Automation Co-Pilot then sorts the inquiries and delivers them to the agent for review. The agent reviews the inquiries and makes decisions via Co-Pilot embedded in ServiceNow, and the automation updates records and data across systems. Finally, generative AI drafts custom response emails to the customers using additional historical customer data. The gen AI can also collate multiple tickets and resolutions from the same customer into one email response. The agent reviews the email and can change the language, tone, etc, before sending off.Another bonus of using this package is in-depth bot insight reporting. You can understand typical cases by category, language, and more. So much customer service intelligence can be derived in your dashboard!Here are results we’ve observed from customers utilizing this solution package:100% reduction in AHT 100% data accuracy Three times increase in ticket processing capacitySuperior service, accuracy, and ability to scale are the exact wins we want to deliver to our customers! Get Started With This Solution TodayThe Customer Service, Employee Productivity, and Complex Document Automation solution packs are available to download now! Once you download a solution package, you can import the source code into your Control Room to provide your automations with the framework to complete these solutions. You’ll receive step-by-step guidance with each package, and you can access community support through Pathfinder, as well as our A+ accelerator service. We also formed a dedicated Gen AI community, which you can join and get connected to our extended network of global automation experts for additional support.Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us—we’re here to help!

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All About Solution Packs: What Are They & Why Should I Care?

During our Q3 User Groups meetings, we announced the launch and availability of Quick-Start Solution Packages. If you haven’t heard about these fantastic, AI-infused tools, here’s what you need to know.Quick-Start Solution Packages, aka Solution Packs, are designed to help you leverage generative AI capabilities in content creation, summarization, and natural language comprehension. Each package includes a set of resources to get you up and running in no time, including pre-configured workflow templates, a solution sandbox, recorded demos, and developer kits.Currently, we’ve developed three tailored solution packs that, based on customer engagement and industry research, address the prime pain areas for organizations across every industry—employee productivity, customer service, and complex document processing. Let’s take a closer look at how each quick-start solution pack can alleviate your tedious tasks and bottlenecks.1. Employee Productivity Solution PackA Harvard Business Review study reported that, because of the increasing complexity of digital work environments, employees spend an average of 9% of their annual time at work swiveling between applications to complete basic tasks. So, it’s no surprise that many customers ask us for tools to optimize and simplify their employees’ work experience, save time on their daily tasks, and democratize automation by leveraging generative AI technology in a safe, controlled manner. With the Employee Productivity Solution Pack, you can give your entire workforce access to automation with generative AI responsibly. We envision this solution pack assisting with common use cases such as internal reporting, time-off requests, help desk requests, work orders, expense reporting, and so much more. Because Automation Co-Pilot embeds directly into web and collaboration apps, your employees can benefit from this pre-configured workflow operating in their primary application to expedite these kinds of daily tasks.2. Customer ServiceAccording to a McKinsey study, customer service is the leading area for operational improvement, with an estimated 40% productivity gain to be captured if an organization implements generative AI. Naturally, we saw a tremendous opportunity for automation + generative AI to drive significant impact in customer service. So, we designed a quick-start solution package to align with use cases encountered by L1 service triage, customer service desks, and customer support. With the Customer Service Solution Pack, an agent can initiate an AI-powered workflow inside their core work application, such as ServiceNow, and streamline their process, resulting in a happier customer and happier employee. Imagine a 100% reduction in average handle time, 100% data accuracy, and three times capacity increase in ticket processing—you can achieve just that with this quick-start solution pack.3. Complex Document ProcessingWith the Complex Document Processing Solution Pack, we have combined generative AI with our innovative Document Automation to help you tackle, as the name alludes, use cases involving complex documents that contain unstructured and semi-structured data. Now, you can quickly extract and process data from contracts, waybills, explanations of benefits, credit reports, bank statements, and more. With applications across every industry, you can leverage this quick-start solution pack to process documents faster, with more accuracy (100% to be exact), and alleviate manual bottlenecks to transform your work into end-to-end process automations.How to get started with a solution packThese are not just concepts! These three solution packs are available to download now! Once you download a solution package, you can import the source code into your Control Room to provide your automations with the framework to complete these solutions. You’ll also receive step-by-step guidance with each package to configure the solutions in your own environment, understand the available API call steps, etc. And finally, you can access community support through Pathfinder, as well as our A+ accelerator service. We also formed a dedicated Gen AI community, which you can join and get connected to our extended network of global automation experts.Best of all, these solution packs are free. So with no cost and a quick implementation, what’s to stop you from streamlining your automations, improving employee experience, and exploring the benefits of generative AI?By the way—we’ve integrated generative AI into a suite of innovative tools on the Automation Success Platform to power-up your intelligent automation efforts even more. Learn more about these gen AI-powered innovations and how you can harness them to transform your business here.More Solution Packs ForthcomingWe won’t be stopping with only these three solution packages. We’re already working to develop and release more quick-start solutions that will address additional pain points we’ve observed across industries. We’d love to hear your feedback on how these solution packs work for you and what other quick-start solutions would benefit your operations!

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What’s New in the Automation Success Platform .30

It’s once again time for “What’s New in the Automation Success Platform” as the highly anticipated .30 release has arrived! As always, we’re listening to your feedback and raising the bar to continually provide the best product and solutions to meet your needs and allow you to harness the latest innovations in intelligent automation. In this article, you’ll find the product release notes and all the exciting details on the new .30 release. Let’s take a look at what’s new! Top 5 Features of the .30 Release:Generative AI for Document Automation: Extract data with GenAI from complex and unstructured documents Bring Your Own Generative AI Package: Identify and utilize Large Language Models (LLMs) with ease Developer Experience: Enhance developer experience and improve productivity Process Composer: Orchestrate complex processes spanning multiple users Cybersecurity: Gain peace of mind with fortified enterprise security options Document AutomationWelcome the next generation of Document Automation, now infused with generative AI. This out-of-the-box capability enhances your ability to extract structured, semi-structured, and unstructured document types, solving the problem of labor-intensive and error-prone manual data extraction from free-form text documents. Unlock document data at lightspeed to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and save time and resources.Check out the new Document Automation + GenAI demo here: Bring Your Own GenAI PackageConveniently grouped under the Generative AI command package, you can now natively integrate Large Language Models (LLMs) from hyperscalers, including Google Vertex AI, OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, and Amazon SageMaker. That means saying “goodbye!” to individual RestAPI integrations for each LLM and saying “hello!” to easily summarizing information, extracting information from messy data, and generating communications.Watch the GenAI Integration demo here: Developer ExperienceWe’ve created several tools to enhance the developer experience for citizen and pro developers alike. First, we’ve introduced Automation Templates with which citizen developers can accelerate their work by leveraging a predefined template that suits their use case. Pro developers, on the other hand, can create custom templates to expedite automation development. We also simplified the recording experience to allow developers to initiate recording directly within a business application rather than manually selecting a target window from a list. And, we created personalized views for developers in the Automation Command Center and made getting help easier with in-app access to Pathfinder Community and AAU. All of these features will fuel your developers and unlock effortless scalability and compliance.Take a look at the Developer Experience enhancements demo here:  Process ComposerEliminate complex approval and hand-off workflows by automating multi-user approvals in Process Composer. A dedicated approval task can accept parallel approvals, comments, and custom timeouts to streamline use cases like employee onboarding, invoice reception, expense management, and much more. Optimize operational productivity by decreasing the time between approvals and promptly alerting team members within their application of choice, like Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP, Teams, or custom web apps.Get a look at a demo of Process Composer here: CybersecurityWe’re pleased to introduce new enterprise security features that allow finely tuned custom user roles to match your organization’s requirements. IT Administrators can now also ensure smooth communication between Control Room-hosted services and external/internal-facing services, even in on-prem deployments, with an active network proxy. Finally, we’ve made OAuth2.0 for SaaS applications available for centralized token lifecycle management and OAuth connections.Get more info about how we’re enhancing enterprise security here: Available Now!The Automation 360 .30 on-prem release is available now, and the Automation 360 cloud will be updated between now and the week of October 23, 2023.Want to dive deep into the granular details of the .30 release? Access the full Release Notes here.

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Automation Co-Pilot: Putting Generative AI Safely in Business Users’ Hands

Last year, we announced the release of Automation Co-Pilot, an automation assistant that embeds directly in the applications your teams love—from SAP and Salesforce to Teams, Workday, and more—so users can get automation assistance right in the flow of work. With omni-channel workflow orchestration, Automation Co-Pilot can action across any model, system, and team to get work done efficiently. Automation Co-Pilot UpdateWe’ve given Automation Co-Pilot an uber sophisticated upgrade for business users with AI-powered assistance engineered for automation! Now, Automation Co-Pilot can accelerate team productivity even more by enabling them to action any generative AI use-case across any system, directly in their business apps. From creating and summarizing content to sending emails and providing recommendations, think of Automation Co-Pilot as your on-demand, intelligent automation assistant. Supercharge Productivity with Automation Co-Pilot for Business UsersPutting AI in the hands of business users enables employees to further automate manual work that didn’t seem automatable before, allowing them to shift their focus to more complex problem-solving and strategic work. With use cases across every industry, we’ve seen Automation Co-Pilot + AI help business users make comprehensive data from disparate systems readily available, deploy impactful business solutions in record time, and achieve high-touch customer engagement at scale.Here are some of the smart capabilities of Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users:Embeds directly into business users’ primary application(s) of choice Quickly generates personalized communications using natural language prompts Built-in guardrails adhere to compliance, privacy, and security, and enable human oversightUse Case for Business UsersWhen a flight is delayed, hundreds of passengers are impacted at once, causing an influx of inbound complaints and requests. And when things go wrong, customers expect instant resolution. Without AI and automation, a support agent at an airline company can spend up to 60% of case time just trying to find information.With Automation Co-Pilot + AI, incoming customer emails are analyzed for content, need, and tone. Cases are automatically created in the CRM with all of the pertinent details included. The support agent can view case details and initiate workflows directly in their application via Automation Co-Pilot, which is Salesforce in this case. The support agent can then leverage generative AI to auto-draft a personalized reply to each case that includes an appropriate resolution and tone of empathy and gratitude. The agent can review the draft, make any adjustments, and send to the customer.This seamless process results in a nearly 100% reduction in AHT, increased customer satisfaction, and improved agent experience. Win-win-win!Empower Your Team with Automation Co-Pilot + AIEvery business user, regardless of job function or automation background, can now amplify their impact and harness the power of generative AI to transform conversation into automation. If your workflow isn’t already integrated with Automation Co-Pilot + AI for Business Users, there’s no better time to add this valuable tool to your arsenal.Learn more about Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users by watching a replay of our June 1 Automation + AI event, or request a demo from your account rep to see how your organization can put Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users to work.

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Leverage Automation Co-Pilot + AI To Streamline Healthcare Processes

 In case you’re not familiar, Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users is an automation assistant that embeds into any application (think Salesforce, SAP, Workday, etc.) and can action across any model, system, and team, so users can efficiently leverage automation assistance right in their normal flow of work.Now, we’ve given Automation Co-Pilot a major upgrade with AI-powered technology to accelerate team productivity even more by enabling them to action any generative AI use case across any system, from creating and summarizing content to sending emails and providing recommendations. Ease The Manual Workload in HealthcareFor the healthcare industry in particular, administrative work is a massive burden for providers and one of many factors that drive healthcare costs so high. With the new Automation Co-Pilot AI abilities, healthcare organizations can streamline many administrative processes, from data processing and entry, to clinical decision support, to patient instruction and engagement. In fact, we’ve observed a 55% increase in productivity from organizations across various industries who have leveraged this new AI upgrade. Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users in HealthcareLet’s dive into a quick use case example to demonstrate how healthcare organizations can use Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users to generate after-visit summaries with generative AI, saving physicians hours of time.A doctor regularly has to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours drafting an after-visit summary for each and every patient they see on a given day. Doctors and their staff can reclaim that time by embedding Automation Co-Pilot directly into their existing electronic health record (EHR) system and running an automation in these simple steps:The doctor goes into their EHR system and launches the Automation Co-Pilot to create an after-visit summary. Automation Co-Pilot retrieves pertinent patient information from a range of sources, including lab results, diagnoses, and medications from numerous hospital systems and applications, and brings them into the EHR. With the power of generative AI, it is even able to extract complex data from unstructured documents, such as lab results reports, while also keeping a human-in-the-loop to handle and validate any exceptions. After all data is imported and populated into an after-visit summary, the doctor simply needs to review the summary and can easily add in their final recommendations to the patient for any follow-up matters. Automation Co-Pilot can then automatically upload this summary to the patient portal and send any prescriptions to the pharmacy on file.Automation Co-Pilot also serves as a built-in guardrail to remove any personal health information (PHI) data to ensure responsible use of this technology and support adherence to healthcare regulations. Put Automation Co-Pilot to Work for YouPutting AI in the hands of business users enables healthcare providers and employees to further automate tedious manual work that didn’t seem automatable before, saving valuable time and improving patient care. Learn how you can apply Automation Co-Pilot + AI in your organization by requesting a demo today! Harness the power of generative AI to transform your workflow and gain a competitive edge for your organization.

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What is Automation Co-Pilot + AI for Automators?

Your AI-Powered Assistant for Automation DevelopmentLast year, we introduced Automation Co-Pilot to help business teams put automation to work in the applications they use every day. We’ve been hard at work to give professional and citizen developers the assistant they deserve, embedded within their. Now, with Automation Co-Pilot for Automators, you get an assistant embedded in the builder experience, powered to generative AI.Accelerate Automation Building with Automation Co-Pilot for AutomatorsWith this update, automation developers can achieve a 55% increase in productivity. Using natural language to accelerate the build of your automations, Automation Co-Pilot for Automators will automatically create the code you need without having to drag and drop components onto the page. What’s more, as part of this “creation conversation,” Automation Co-Pilot will also suggest a next-best-action to add to your automation as a way to level it up beyond what you initially requested—like an auto-complete for your automation. All of this adds up to 55% faster development, 55% more automations, and thereby doubles your ROI.To recap - some of the standout capabilities of Automation Co-Pilot for Automators are:Quickly generate new process automations using natural language prompts Offers suggestions for additional actions to make every automation even better Built-in governance allows you to set code guidelines and require reviews for every new automation before it goes live Sets limits on what teams can and cannot do with automation and generative AI, keeping them focused on the tasks that matter most Available when you need it and can be put away when you don’t - right in the builder experienceEmpower Your Team with Automation Co-Pilot for AutomatorsAs the world wrestles with how and when to tap into generative AI, automators who harness AI faster will create a competitive edge for not only their organization, but also for themselves. Automation Co-Pilot for Automators can transform workflows across every industry, so if you aren’t already integrated with Co-Pilot, you should put it to work as quickly as possible!Learn more about Automation Co-Pilot for Automation Developers by watching a replay of our June 1 Automation + AI event, or sign up for a preview now to see how your organization can put Automation Co-Pilot for Automators to work.

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Unlock AI-powered Automation With The New Google Vertex AI Bot Store Package

Earlier this month we announced Automation Anywhere’s expanded partnership with Google Cloud to bring together Generative AI and Intelligent Automation. Now, we’re here to let you know an all new Google Vertex AI Package is available for free in Bot Store! This state-of-the-art package brings the power of Google Vertex AI's advanced generative AI technology directly to your Automation Anywhere Control Room.If you’re not familiar with Google Vertex AI—it’s a machine learning (ML) platform that enables developers to train and deploy ML models and AI applications. Vertex AI leverages Google’s large language models as a powerful generative AI interface in our vast Automation Command library.Integration is as easy as downloading the package and following the quick install instructions. This package can revolutionize your task and process automation, and provides the ideal solution to optimize operations, save time, and elevate overall customer experience and satisfaction.A few of its top capabilities are:Drafting articles, news reports, dialogue, or summarizations of content Building meaningful responses to user and customer inquiries Provide a fully customizable prompt, and the model will generate the requested responseEven if you have no prior AI expertise, you can easily unlock the future of AI-powered automation by integrating the Google Vertex AI Automation Anywhere package into your environment. Don’t wait any longer to harness the potential of this cutting-edge tool in your automation program—get your own Google Vertex AI Package downloaded for free today!

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5 Takeaways from Automation + AI: Live

If your organization is laser-focused on improving productivity, it’s not alone. “Do more with less” is the new imperative of 2023 and beyond as organizations across the globe are working to address lagging productivity. During our June 1 event, Automation + AI: Live, our team dug into the massive impact that generative AI and automation can have on productivity across industries through the Automation Success Platform that’s now available at your fingertips. With generative AI and automation technologies, companies can streamline processes, optimize resources, and achieve more with less. This event was packed full of information and inspiration about how companies across the globe are planning to put AI to work safely and responsibly with automation. If you missed the live event, you can watch the recording now.  5 event highlights you’ll want to knowWe’ve infused AI across the entire Automation Success PlatformAs an automation professional, you can imagine the impact of powering your automations with AI. The synergy between generative AI and automation technology enables organizations to unlock new levels of creativity and productivity through every part of the business. With the Automation Success Platform, you can get started fast with out-of-the-box models tailored to your business. Automation Anywhere has partnered with leading technology vendors like Google with Vertex AI, Amazon with Bedrock, and partners like Anthropic and Nvidia, giving you choice and flexibility. Automation Co-Pilot + Generative AI for Business Users is now availableTurbo charge team productivity with Automation Co-Pilot, now powered by generative AI. Embedded in any web application, Automation Co-Pilot enables business users to access gen AI and automation across functions with unparalleled speed and efficiency. From creating and summarizing content to sending emails and providing recommendations, the possibilities are endless! You can get to know the Automation Co-Pilot by requesting a custom demo. Get a preview of Automation Co-Pilot for Automators in JulyWhether you’re a professional developer or a business user, if you’re building automations, you will soon be able to use generative AI to build automations 55% faster using natural language conversations with Automation Co-Pilot. Whether you’re tackling a very simple task or the most complex end-to-end workflow, you’ll have your own generative AI-powered assistant to help you. With flexibility to choose and change your large language model (LLM) as needed, you can fine-tune your automations to meet evolving demands from your organization. That backlog of automation requests you’ve got? Considered it handled. Join the waitlist for Automation Co-Pilot for Automators. Generative AI powered Document Automation Coming in Q3If you’re using Document Automation in your organization now, imagine how many more types of documents you’ll be able to automate in the near future. With generative AI, you can soon quickly understand, extract and summarize a new universe of documents, from contracts, waybills, to lab reports and insurance forms. Available in Q3 of this year, you’ll soon be able to automate more unstructured, semi-structured and structured documents. That means you’ll be able to unlock more data than ever before. Ensuring safety and securityWhether sanctioned by your organization or not, it's likely many of your team members are exploring generative AI to help them do their work. It’s a tricky time for organizations as they navigate how to create proper guardrails to ensure security, protect data, and maintain compliance. We take this incredibly seriously, and that’s why we’re only integrating with the enterprise versions of the foundational LLMs from Google, Amazon AWS, and Azure OpenAI, which do not use your business data for training, so you maintain full control over your data. We hope you were able to make the live event, but if not, now’s your chance to tune in to the recording to catch all the details on how we’re helping you lead the way in the automation + generative AI frontier.  

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The Pathfinder’s Guide to the Automation + AI Frontier

Leading the way in the new AI + Automation FrontierGenerative AI has taken the world by storm, and when powered by automation, it’s poised to revolutionize the way we work so teams like yours can make greater impact to your business. As you look to the power of generative AI in combination with the work you automate, you now have the power to unlock productivity in a way your business has never experienced. Since you’re part of the Pathfinder Community, we want to help you lead your organization into this new frontier. This guide is intended to be your resource for finding and using information, insights and applications of generative AI with intelligent automation. As we gather new resources from the team here at Automation Anywhere, our MVPs and you, our community members, we’ll update this guide. Generative AI + the Automation Success Platform 📣Harnessing the power of generative AI across the Automation Success PlatformOn June 1, Automation Anywhere announced how it will put generative AI into action. Get a recap of the event, and details on how and when you’ll be able to use AI in your automations. 🔌 OpenAI Generative AI PackageThe latest release of OpenAI Generative AI package is now available for free. Learn more about it in this blog post and then head to Bot Store to get started! 🔌 Google Vertex AI PackageNew! The Google Vertex AI Package is now available. Head to Bot Store to get started for free!Stay tuned for more updates on additional generative AI packages coming soon! Information, Insights and Applications 🔈Your AI + Automation Playlist Save this playlist to get notifications about new videos on AI and automation. The playlist is already stocked with excellent interviews, product demos and bot builds... and there’s a ton yet to come. Be the first to watch and learn about the power of generative AI and intelligent automation as you take flight with our generative AI packages.💡Understanding generative AI and its power with automationHow generative AI and automation are poised to change every company The range of new use cases and accessibility that generative AI enables will drastically increase automation and hence worker productivity across enterprises. This blog examines the three categories of use cases where generative AI and automation combine to transform work. Generative #AI: Changing How We Think About Work Where are companies leveraging Generative AI solutions like ChatGPT right now, and how are they planning to use it in the near and long term? Listen to this on-demand session with Ted Shelton, Expert Partner at Bain & Company as he discusses how companies are redesigning business processes and workflows with the power of AI and intelligent automation. Ted provides tremendous insights on the automation-first mindset and what the future of work looks like with an "augmented workforce." Generative AI & automation: what will you automate? With Generative AI tools making headlines around the globe, the question is how should we utilize them? We believe the combination of automation and generative AI is the answer to unlocking its full potential.  Putting Google Vertex AI to work Tom Garland, senior vice president of Corporate Development at Automation Anywhere, shares his perspective and excitement about Automation Anywhere’s partnership with Google, and what it means for the democratization of access to AI. When it Comes to AI, Platforms Matter AI’s value continues to be unlocked in newer and yet more unexpected ways, which is another reason for enterprises to start integrating it with their processes and workflows and begin to learn. Automation Anywhere offers an automation platform that gives you the flexibility of choice, so you’re always prepared for the next wave of innovation in AI. Creating a culture of innovation around Automation & AI The widespread adoption of generative AI is set to provide significant productivity benefits and change the way we work forever, but not without disruption. It is more important than ever for organizations to adapt and create a culture of innovation to succeed & thrive. Listen in to this conversation on creating an innovation culture around automation and AI with Sunil S. Ranka, Founder of Predikly. Major predictions for automation and AI Tomorrow is right around the corner. Even though automation is already powering enterprises ahead of competitors, it’s poised to dramatically increase the efficiency of those that take advantage of its capabilities. Get five predictions for what enterprises can expect from automation over the coming months and years in this infographic. ChatGPT: A double-edged sword in reducing healthcare disparity In healthcare, ChatGPT can work hand in hand with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to streamline processes, reduce errors, and improve patient outcomes. How do they synergize? ChatGPT is the brain, and RPA is the arms and legs. In this article, we will explore how ChatGPT can work with software automation to create a more efficient, effective, and sustainable healthcare system.💫Use Case InspirationGenerative AI around the globe: Use cases from the community Top generative AI use cases in IT and beyond Using OpenAI and #ChatGPT in the Automation Success Platform to Handle Customer Service Complaints Three steps to accelerate your cash flow with AI-powered automation Infographic: 7 practical use cases for generative AI Top Generative AI use cases from the lens of the CIO The potential for generative AI in finance ChatGPT and RPA: Automating thought and action in healthcare🚀Insights from the Pathfinder CommunityJoin the Generative AI Group to get industry insights, tips and tricks, and to be part of the community leading the way forward with generative AI and automation. Transforming Unstructured Data into Structured Data with Automation Anywhere's ChatGPT Package by MVP Azhar Hossain explains how using the ChatGPT model with Automation Anywhere's ChatGPT package can help organizations convert unstructured data into structured data using ticket descriptions as an example. Generative AI Ask Me Anything: As part of the 1st Annual Pathfinder Community Space Camp & Generative AI Showcase, Peter White and Pratyush Garikapati, Automation Anywhere’s own experts on emerging technology shared valuable knowledge on generative AI as they addressed questions live from our Pathfinder community. Here’s a full recap of the Generative AI Ask Me Anything. Bot Games Season 4: AI Edition: Ready to get hands on with automation and generative AI? We’ve got three new challenges for you to showcase not only your Automation building abilities but also your proficiency in crafting well-designed prompts of generative AI models that elicit the desired responses in the appropriate format. Challenge #1: This healthcare-themed challenge will get you thinking creatively about how to standardize a report-generation process. Challenge #2: Shift your mind to manufacturing and take on a new challenge using generative AI to enhance and improve existing data. Challenge #3: In this final challenge, you’re using generative AI to enhance automation resilience for a financial services company. Optimizing Your Generative AI Prompts Writing prompts that deliver the results you want is a skill in itself, and we’ve got tips to help you improve how you prompt generative AI tools. Plus, join in the conversation with your own tips or questions.➡Future ResourcesGenerative AI is a colossal shift for everyone and every company, and we’re committed to helping you find success in this new frontier. As we roll out new generative AI innovation with the Automation Success Platform, we’ll also produce resources to help you harness the power of AI with intelligent automation.

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