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.33 Release: Top 5 Features Revealed

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.33 Release: Top 5 Features Revealed

Buckle up because the .33 release of Automation 360 is here, and it’s packing some seriously cool updates! Whether you’re into automation development, AI integration, or just want to boost your productivity, this release has something for everyone. Here’s a rundown of the top 5 features you can look forward to.

#5 - Security, Scale, and Governance
Data security and compliance are critical, and this release amps up both. Features like secure recording, object-based automation for varied access levels, and certificate-based OAuth authentication ensure your automations are not just efficient but also safe and compliant with industry standards.

Documentation link with more details about enhanced security, scale, and governance

#4 - Advanced Debugging
No more pulling your hair out over complex automations. The enhanced debugging tools in v.33 simplify troubleshooting to help you spot issues faster and keep your automations running smoothly. Quickly move through and troubleshoot nested automations, use the call stack to track and navigate automation sequences, and adjust variables on the fly to pinpoint and fix issues faster.

Documentation link with more details about advanced debugging

#3 - Enhanced Automation Templates
Building automations just got easier with pre-defined templates tailored for various tasks like Salesforce report extraction, Zoho sales order creation, and AWS S3 file management. These templates come loaded with best practices, saving you time and ensuring robust automation quality across your organization. Reuse them to streamline your workflows and scale up automation efforts effortlessly.

Documentation link with more details about enhanced automation templates

#2 - Autopilot
Need to turbocharge your automation initiatives? Autopilot is your go-to feature. It uses generative AI to discover processes, convert them into automations, and track ROI—all with minimal manual intervention. This means faster deployment and quicker returns on your automation investments. As the name implies, it’s automation on autopilot, and it’s a game-changer in helping you accelerate your automation program.

Documentation link with more details about Autopilot updates

#1 - AI Agent Studio
This is a big one. AI Agent Studio lets you dive into the world of generative AI-powered automation agents. Imagine creating intelligent agents that learn from your data, make decisions, and execute tasks across your enterprise systems—all without needing to be a machine learning expert. It’s like having a supercharged assistant that gets smarter over time. Plus, with integrations across major cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google, you have flexibility and power at your fingertips.

Documentation link with more details on AI Agent Studio

And there you have it—from the groundbreaking AI Agent Studio to the streamlined Autopilot, this release is packed with features to elevate your productivity and efficiency.

So, get ready to explore, innovate, and transform your workflows with these powerful new tools. Dive into the details with our documentation links provided for each feature, and let us know how Automation 360 v.33 is making a difference in your automation journey.

Cheers to smarter automation and smoother workflows ahead!


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