Pathfinder Community Monthly Flight Plan: June 2024

Pathfinder Community Monthly Flight Plan: June 2024
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Welcome to your one-stop hub for this month’s key Pathfinder Community news and featured events, content, forums, and more!

📚Community Stories

Never miss a beat—here are your can’t-miss updates from the Pathfinder Community this month:

✨Stellar Contributor Spotlight 


Congratulations to our recent Automate the Universe Trifecta Awardees!

jaye, Ganesh Bhat, Daiana Grimi, Sai1212, jayqb, Aditya 8515, Polyana 8891, Bapi 81, sim 8841,
spandana 4141, J.Logan, rbkadiyam, Santhi 2720, pawara, Saqib 3486, Zaid Chougle, Nidhi.J5, Tamil Arasu10, Abhishek P92, ChanduMohammad

This socially shareable badge is earned when all three Automate the Universe challenges are completed.

Don’t miss your chance to share your innovative automation ideas and earn your spot in the Trifecta Award circle!

🚀Meet Your MVPs

[M]ost [V]aluable [P]athfinders are a cohort of dynamic leaders and skilled practitioners igniting a groundswell within the field of automation. You may recognize our MVPs from their contributions within the Pathfinder community, here are this month’s featured shares:

📆Can’t Miss Events

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate. If you can make time for some of our valuable events this month, these are the ones you won’t want to miss!

💬Join the Conversation

Our Pathfinder community is grounded by the diverse shared expertise of our members. Here are current discussion topics that could benefit from your own wisdom and first-hand experience.

🔨Critical Tools for Mission Success

Keep your automation skills sharp and tool belt fully calibrated—here are critical tools and continued learning resources for ongoing automation mission success:

Mission Control

  • New Resources in Mission 2: Promote Automation to Accelerate Growth Across the Enterprise
    • Use our Automation Vision Statement Mad Libs to get started drafting your vision statement
    • Share your biggest automation wins using our use case template
    • Build or update your pitch deck with our new template

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