Introducing Delta Training for Automation 360 .32 Release

Introducing Delta Training for Automation 360 .32 Release
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I’m excited to announce the launch of our Delta Training for the Automation 360 .32 Release, now available on Automation Anywhere University. This Skill Booster training series is designed to help you stay on the cutting edge of automation technology, ensuring that you and your team can maximize the capabilities of our latest tools and features.

Delta Training for the Automation 360 .32 Release includes guided walkthroughs, real-world demonstrations, and hands-on exercises for many of the features in the release. In total, you’ll spend about two to three hours to complete the coursework. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect.

Top 5 .32 Release Developer-Focused Features
Dive into the five key updates that can streamline your development process. This course covers enhancements that not only improve the user experience but also boost the efficiency of creating and managing automations.

Getting Started with Connector Builder and Generative Recorder
Get hands-on with Connector Builder and Generative Recorder courses. These tools are designed to facilitate seamless integration and recording capabilities, making it easier than ever to create and customize your automation solutions.

Automation Co-Pilot for Automators Enhancements
Explore the latest enhancements to Automation Co-Pilot, designed to create complex automations using natural language prompts. This course showcases how these improvements can help you create automations and processes with speed and precision.

Executing Desktop Automations in Process Composer
Learn how to execute automations locally on the desktop of the Automation Co-Pilot user, ensuring sensitive data remains secure within your On-Premises environment.

Recording Automation Execution
Learn to manage the automation execution recording capabilities in Automation 360 to improve automation resilience with recording capabilities.

Gen AI Packages: Google Gemini and Open AI Assistant
Enhance your automation capabilities with new Gen AI packages for Google Gemini and Open AI Assistant. Watch a short video to learn how these packages can boost efficiency and transform your projects.

Using the Show or Hide Feature for Runtime Window
Discover how to control the runtime window in Automation 360. In this course, you’ll learn when to show or hide it during automation execution for optimal troubleshooting.

SharePoint Package: Upload and Delete Files
This video highlights SharePoint Package upgrades in Automation 360's .32 release, focusing on file upload and deletion, addressing special character issues.

Document Automation Courses
Two courses focused on document automation show you how to extract data from tables using the power of generative AI, and showcase how to process extracted data before it is sent over for validation.

Run API Tasks outside of Forms and Processes
Explore API Task benefits in Automation Anywhere: no dedicated bot needed, seamless integration, real-time data access, and simplified setup.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your skills and keep your automation solutions at the forefront of technology. Plus, you'll earn a brand new badge after completing the training! Visit Automation Anywhere University to access the full Delta Training for the Automation 360 .32 release and start your learning journey today.
We can't wait to see how you implement these exciting new capabilities in your automation projects!


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