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Automation Co-Pilot: Putting Generative AI Safely in Business Users’ Hands

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Automation Co-Pilot: Putting Generative AI Safely in Business Users’ Hands

Last year, we announced the release of Automation Co-Pilot, an automation assistant that embeds directly in the applications your teams love—from SAP and Salesforce to Teams, Workday, and more—so users can get automation assistance right in the flow of work. With omni-channel workflow orchestration, Automation Co-Pilot can action across any model, system, and team to get work done efficiently.

Automation Co-Pilot Update

We’ve given Automation Co-Pilot an uber sophisticated upgrade for business users with AI-powered assistance engineered for automation! Now, Automation Co-Pilot can accelerate team productivity even more by enabling them to action any generative AI use-case across any system, directly in their business apps. From creating and summarizing content to sending emails and providing recommendations, think of Automation Co-Pilot as your on-demand, intelligent automation assistant.

Supercharge Productivity with Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users

Putting AI in the hands of business users enables employees to further automate manual work that didn’t seem automatable before, allowing them to shift their focus to more complex problem-solving and strategic work. With use cases across every industry, we’ve seen Automation Co-Pilot + AI help business users make comprehensive data from disparate systems readily available, deploy impactful business solutions in record time, and achieve high-touch customer engagement at scale.

Here are some of the smart capabilities of Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users:

  • Embeds directly into business users’ primary application(s) of choice
  • Quickly generates personalized communications using natural language prompts
  • Built-in guardrails adhere to compliance, privacy, and security, and enable human oversight

Use Case for Business Users

When a flight is delayed, hundreds of passengers are impacted at once, causing an influx of inbound complaints and requests. And when things go wrong, customers expect instant resolution. Without AI and automation, a support agent at an airline company can spend up to 60% of case time just trying to find information.

With Automation Co-Pilot + AI, incoming customer emails are analyzed for content, need, and tone. Cases are automatically created in the CRM with all of the pertinent details included. The support agent can view case details and initiate workflows directly in their application via Automation Co-Pilot, which is Salesforce in this case. The support agent can then leverage generative AI to auto-draft a personalized reply to each case that includes an appropriate resolution and tone of empathy and gratitude. The agent can review the draft, make any adjustments, and send to the customer.

This seamless process results in a nearly 100% reduction in AHT, increased customer satisfaction, and improved agent experience. Win-win-win!

Empower Your Team with Automation Co-Pilot + AI

Every business user, regardless of job function or automation background, can now amplify their impact and harness the power of generative AI to transform conversation into automation. If your workflow isn’t already integrated with Automation Co-Pilot + AI for Business Users, there’s no better time to add this valuable tool to your arsenal.

Learn more about Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users by watching a replay of our June 1 Automation + AI event, or request a demo from your account rep to see how your organization can put Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users to work.

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