Using the Cloud Migration Utility

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Using the Cloud Migration Utility


Let's be honest - migrating from one platform to another is always an experience of mixed feelings. On one side, the functionality, scalability, and flexibility of the new platform are exciting and will give a huge lift to your organization....not to mention all of the new capabilities. On the other side, the migration process itself doesn't spark joy in many people's day. In an effort to make the control room migration process as smooth as possible, Automation Anywhere has made available the Cloud Migration Utility - enabling users to migrate a full Automation Anywhere Enterprise v11 to Automation 360 Cloud in a matter of clicks.


 Cloud Migration Compatibility


Before racing off to download the start using the Automation Anywhere Cloud Migration Utility, its important to check for its compatibility against your Automation Anywhere Enterprise v11 Control Room(s). The Cloud Migration Utility only works for supported Control Room Versions of Enterprise 11.x - so be sure to check the Cloud Migration list of Supported Enterprise 11.x Versions before getting started. Version not on the list? You may need to perform an upgrade on your Control Room to get you to a supported version - though it should be noted that the compatibility list includes most all 11.x versions.


Downloading and Installing


The Cloud Migration Utility is available on the A-People Downloads Page (Login Required). It should be installed on the same application server where the Enterprise 11 Control Room is installed. In situations where the Enterprise 11 Control Room has been installed in a cluster, install the Utility on any node of the cluster that has access to the entire Control Room Bot Repository/Server files. The installation itself is quite straight forward - the installer will check for a few dependencies, prompt you to install any missing dependencies, and take you through a mostly "Next", "Next", "Next", "Install" kind of install - without much required by way of configuration. For additional guidance on downloading and installing the Cloud Migration Utility, check out the Automation Anywhere Documentation Page.


Running a Cloud Migration


The Cloud Migration Utility guides users through the process of successfully performing a migration. Each step along the way, users will be prompted to provide some basic information about the Enterprise v11 Control Room Installation/Repository path, as well as details about connecting to the Enterprise v11 Database - along with its respective authentication details. These fields are required as the installer is checking to see how large your bot repository/database are, so that it can be sure there's adequate space on your server to temporarily store files as they are prepped for migration. Once you've reviewed the summary of the migration/size, you'll be taken to a screen that asks for a migration code. This code is generated as a part of your Automation 360 Cloud provisioning and associates this run of the Cloud Migration Utility with the appropriate Automation 360 Cloud Control Room. With the migration code provided and validated, the only thing left to do is migrate. Give it some time to backup your database as well as your entire bot repository as the utility begins to migrate your data to the Automation 360 Cloud. Once the upload is complete, you should expect to receive an email from Automation Anywhere with a link/login details to access your new Automation 360 Cloud Control Room.




Migrating from Enterprise v11 to Automation 360 Cloud doesn't have to be a pain - especially when you can use this Cloud Migration Utility. With your entire Control Room migrated to Automation 360 Cloud what comes next? Migrating your bots - which moved over as atmx/mbot files - to Automation 360 compatible bots. Take a look at this helpful guide on the Automation Anywhere Docs portal to get started.

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