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Unlock Expert-level Skills with Pathfinder Academy for Pro Developers

  • 18 September 2023
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Unlock Expert-level Skills with Pathfinder Academy for Pro Developers
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In the fast-paced world of automation, staying ahead of the curve is vital. Automation developers must continuously hone their skills to remain competitive in a dynamic job market, where 81% of organizations plan to grow their automation programs. But with technology evolving at breakneck speed, it's crucial to have the right training resources at your fingertips. Enter Pathfinder Academy, your ultimate destination for developing your automation career with quality, hands-on learning — for free.

What is Pathfinder Academy?


Pathfinder Academy is a new learning resource - your go-to source for automation training. Whether you want a clear path from automation novice to ninja, or you want to hone in on specific, in-demand skills, you’re just a few clicks away from engaging in training. Join Pathfinder Academy to explore:

  • Flexible paths with courses that build on each other
  • Engaging, video-based learning
  • Quick, digestible lessons designed to fit into busy schedules
  • Hands-on challenges that test knowledge

Because Pathfinder Academy is online, it’s available everywhere you are and is always 100% free.

How does Pathfinder Academy help pro developers advance their careers?


Do you want to advance your career but feel like you’re already pressed for time? Productivity is a priority in virtually every organization. Pathfinder Academy helps you learn fast so you can apply your skills almost immediately. It also lays out clear paths for building mission-critical intelligent automation skills so you can stack skills, build momentum, and ensure every minute of training helps you reach your career goals.

Here’s what you can expect to gain from Pathfinder Academy.

1. A flexible, fast path to becoming a pro developer


You need actionable training you can digest quickly and use immediately. We’ve got you covered. Our carefully designed curriculum offers a clear path no matter your skill level, from beginner to expert. Brief courses (often video-based) build on one another so you can start, accelerate, and scale your automation skills and knowledge when it works for you.

Say so long to random, piecemeal YouTube videos and get on a clear path to success.

2. Increase confidence with practice that’s fun


Solidify your skills with hands-on challenges. There’s no better way to learn than by doing. Throughout your training, we’ll provide opportunities to test your new knowledge and skills in a safe environment so you’ll be confident when it’s time to use your new skills in a real use case.

3. Unlock opportunities with a revved-up resume


Add fully-built automations to your portfolio as you build your skills. When you’re ready, give yourself a competitive advantage by earning Automation Anywhere University’s industry-recognized certifications for automation professionals using the world’s #1 Intelligent Automation platform. We offer the opportunity to achieve the Advanced Certification and Master Certification.

Career Quests vs. Skill Boosters: What’s the difference?


In Pathfinder Academy, you’ll find two distinct tracks: Career Quests and Skill Boosters.

Career Quests are role-based training paths with lessons that build on each other. These are meant to track with specific roles within the automation team to help you develop expertise and expand your knowledge and skills. These roles include:

  • Pro Developer
  • Automation Leader
  • Citizen Developer
  • Business Analyst (coming soon!)

Skill Boosters focus on specific skills and are meant to help you develop in-demand skills or learn how to use new or advanced technologies or methodologies. The first Skill Booster available in Pathfinder Academy is Prompt Engineering for Automation Developers. In it, you can explore courses like Introduction to Large Language Models, Anatomy of a Prompt, and Generative AI Use Cases.

Getting started: How to use Pathfinder Academy to advance your automation skills


To get started, simply visit the Pathfinder Academy website. Explore our Career Quests and Skill Boosters to identify training opportunities that align with your professional goals and address in-demand skills:

Once you’ve determined the best learning path for you, complete the short, hands-on training videos. Complete challenges to put your new skills to the test in a safe environment.

Join us at Pathfinder Academy, and let's chart a course to a brighter, more efficient future together. Your journey to automation expertise starts here.


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