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Meet the NEW Pathfinder Academy: Your Path to Automation Expertise - Enroll Today!

  • 18 September 2023
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Meet the NEW Pathfinder Academy: Your Path to Automation Expertise - Enroll Today!
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We're excited to introduce you to a new resource that can help you master your automation skills: Pathfinder Academy!

Pathfinder Academy is here to provide you with the competitive edge you need. Whether you're an experienced automation pro or just starting your journey, this FREE resource is tailored to help you reach your goals.

Get started today by exploring flexible learning paths with engaging, video-based courses designed to fit into your busy schedule. You'll find quick, digestible content that you can apply immediately. Plus, hands-on challenges will test your newfound knowledge, ensuring you're ready for real-world automation tasks.

So, what are you waiting for? Start learning today: Pathfinder Academy


Pathfinder Academy FAQ



What is the difference between Pathfinder Academy and Automation Anywhere University?


Pathfinder Academy is a new learning resource from Automation Anywhere University. Using hands-on learning and quick, digestible lessons, Pathfinder Academy helps you develop your intelligent automation career and equips you with essential skills for the future of work.

There are two types of Pathfinder Academy offerings:

  • Get specialized training for your role via our Career Quests. The four roles Pathfinder Academy supports are:
    • Pro Developer
    • Automation Leader
    • Citizen Developer
    • Business Analyst (Coming soon!)


  • Develop specific skill sets with Skill Boosters. Our first Skill Booster is focused on a HOT AI topic — check it out: Prompt Engineering for Automation Developers

Getting started is easy, visit Pathfinder Academy and launch the next chapter of your learning journey.

The Pathfinder Team is continuously working to expand the Academy's offerings. Expect new courses and resources to be consistently released over the next few quarters. If you encounter a course that sounds familiar from AAU, we recommend taking the Academy version to further elevate your skills.

Note there are no changes to Automation Anywhere University, including badges and certifications. For AAU-specific questions, visit the AAU FAQ.

Who is eligible to enroll in Pathfinder Academy?


All Pathfinder Academy courses are FREE and open to all intelligent automation professionals, from aspiring to experienced.

What courses are currently available in Pathfinder Academy? When can we expect more courses to be introduced?


As we continuously expand the Academy's offerings, we anticipate a steady release of new courses within each Career Quest, as well as additional Skill Boosters.

There are two types of learning paths available today:

  • Career Quests
    • Automation Leader
    • Pro Developer
    • Citizen Developer
  • Skill Booster
    • Prompt Engineering for Automation Developers


To explore, visit our Pathfinder Academy.


How do I get started?


Maximize your Pathfinder Academy experience in 4 steps!

Step 1: Select Your Adventure

  1. Navigate to the Pathfinder Academy Page
  2. Select either Career Quests or Skill Boosters. (Don’t worry — you can return for more learning.)
    • Career Quests
      • Scroll to the “Get Specialized Training For Your Role” section
      • Choose your professional area and select “Start,” “Accelerate,” or “Scale”
        • Pro Tip: “Start” at the beginning to optimize your learning experience. If you’ve already mastered a skill, you can skip ahead to the next course.
      • Once prompted, log in using your existing A-People account credentials. Don’t have an account? No problem, simply create a new one.
    • Skill Boosters
      • Scroll to the “Boost Your Skills” section.
        • Note: Currently, we have one Skill Booster: Prompt Engineering for Automation Developers. Additional Skill Boosters will be available in the future.
      • Click on “Enroll in Prompt Engineering for Automation Developers” 
      • Once prompted, log in using your existing A-People account credentials. Don’t have an account? No problem, simply create a new one.

Step 2: Bookmark your learning path HQ

A “learning path” is the collection of courses that comprise each Career Quests and Skill Boosters offering.

Each learning path will have a dedicated page within our learning platform that lists all course content.

Pro Tip: Bookmark the learning path page for swift access to your remaining course tasks after finishing a training exercise and for effortless progress tracking.

Step 3: Celebrate your completion

We want to cheer you on — share your success on any social channel and tag Automation Anywhere!

Step 4: Don’t stop, keep the learning going!

Return to the Pathfinder Academy page and select your next adventure.


How do I log in?


Pathfinder Academy is connected through our Automation Anywhere universal SSO.

If you have an existing Automation Anywhere A-People account:

  • Select your learning adventure as instructed above
  • When prompted, enter your existing credentials
    • Forgot your password? Select the “Forgot Your Password” link and follow the prompts.

If you’re new to Automation Anywhere and don’t have an existing A-People account:

  • Select your learning adventure as instructed above
  • When prompted, select the blue “Register” button
  • Complete required fields

Once the login process is complete, you will be navigated to your selected learning path.

To access all Pathfinder Academy offerings, return to the Pathfinder Academy home page. 


Are you able to get Pathfinder Academy certified?


Pathfinder Academy-specific certifications are not available at this time.

To learn about Automation Anywhere certification options, visit our Automation Anywhere University Certification page.

Are there Pathfinder Academy badges?


Pathfinder Academy badges are coming soon!

What are the technical requirements to complete the training?


All training can be completed using Community Edition, a free version of Automation Anywhere's software platform.

To get support for Community Edition, visit our dedicated Community Edition Group in the Pathfinder Community.

How can I stay up to date on the latest news and updates for Pathfinder Academy?


Updates will be shared via our Pathfinder Community, dedicated Pathfinder Community Academy Forum, and our soon-to-launch Pathfinder News.

If I encounter difficulties while learning specific course content, like grasping a new concept, how can I get help?


Join our dedicated Pathfinder Community Academy Forum! This is your go-to place to ask questions, access resources, meet peers, and gain inspiration.

What is the recommended way to seek assistance for technical support issues specific to login and learning platform roadblocks not covered in the FAQ?


Our goal over time is that this FAQ will answer the most common technical questions, but if there is a gap, we encourage you to ask your question in our dedicated Pathfinder Community Academy Forum.

If there is a known account-related issue, please contact AAU Support.

As a reminder, please visit the AAU FAQ for Automation Anywhere University specific questions.

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