Meetup Recap: Working with APIs in Automation 360

  • 19 November 2021
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Thanks to our guest speaker ChanduMohammad S for sharing his expertise with the developer community. During this virtual meetup, we discussed the following topics: – Different Actions in REST Web Service package – Industry Use Cases – Demos – Q&A Here is the recording of the session for your reference:



Reference Information

GET POST File Package: This package is helpful to upload/download files to/from API.

JSON Object Manager Bot Store Package:Detailed tutorial to learn about how to use it is available here.

JIRA documentation to use their endpoint is available here.


Interaction with APIs is a crucial part of any modern-day application architecture and learning how to work with APIs is a key skill for an RPA Developer. Actions in the REST web service package along with the packages shared above provide you with the required toolkit to work with APIs while building RPA bots.

To know about our upcoming meetups, here are the meetup group links in different cities for you to join. We look forward to meeting you in person once the conditions get better, till then let’s continue to meet online.

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We want to make sure the content at our meetup groups effectively meets the needs of our audience. In that regard, please feel free to let us know at, the topics, concepts, and capabilities you’d like to see in the upcoming meetings.

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