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Leveraging Pre-Built Automations and Packages

  • 28 September 2022
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Leveraging Pre-Built Automations and Packages
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Before you start automating any new use case related to a specific process or an application, you’ll want to know exactly what reusable assets you have at your disposal. Automation Anywhere’s Bot Store offers hundreds of pre-built bots and packages built by process automation and integration specialists. Leveraging Bot Store, developers can expect to accelerate their RPA development instead of having to build everything from scratch.


Bot Store bots/packages are broken down by business process they serve, their categorization, and by the applications they engage with. Beyond being a location for downloading pre-built bots to include in bot builds, Bot Store is also an excellent place for automation ideas and to explore some of the “art of the possible” with RPA.


Automation 360 platform is integrated with Bot Store, meaning, you can directly download the bots to the control room and start using it right away.


Bot Store can help you in many ways, lets's take a quick look at some of the key benefits:


Learning how to build bots

Bot Store bots are a great way to learn how to build bots. Whether you are looking to learn how to build on a specific use case/template/domain, you may find any number of relevant bots. Understand the steps required to download a bot to your environment for use in your own bot builds Even if you want to expand your knowledge on a relatively newer product line such as AARI, you can select specific bots and train your developers. For ex: Take a look at this process on how to use AARI to automate the Proof of Funds letter generation process. This helps you learn how humans and bots can work together to automate an end-to-end process.


Identifying new use cases to be automated

Every Automation COE is always on the lookout to identify the next best use case to be automated. Whether you are looking for new use cases related to a specific process or department, you can check Bot Store for inspiration. There is filtering available to identify the most relevant use cases to match your needs - which can quickly narrow down the list of whats available as you identify new use cases to be automated.




Identifying new ways to automate a specific scenario

It's always said that 2 is better than 1. Bringing this analogy to building bots, two developers may think different and may implement same logic in different ways. What if we said, there are more than 2 developers who can show you bots are built in different ways. Take a look at different bots in the Bot Store, and see how they are built. You will be amazed by the new ways you will get to explore on building and solving a particular scenario. Also, review a few cool packages that can help you speed up your time to value rolling out automation in your company. File Conversion Package - This package converts files from one file format to another for storage, modification, sending to customers, or to enable editing using different packages. You can expand development capabilities with action packages such as JSON Object Manager Package. This package enables developers to quickly and easily read and update the JSON-formatted responses from REST web service calls. This package has a helpful tutorial to get users started on exactly how it can be easily integrated with your automation initiatives.


Conclusion and Actionable Takeaways:


Staying motivated, appropriately challenged, creative are all keys to success in learning to build bots. Whenever you need some extra inspiration, check out Bot Store to see the newest community submissions that can help you explore more of what’s possible with RPA and speed up your development timeline. The Bot Store exists to improve the development experience – from pre-built bots and packages to being a great place to explore new automation ideas. Hopefully, you will find Inspiration to see creative problem solving that you may not have known even existed.


Actionable Takeaways:

  • Check out this guide to connecting your Automation 360 Control Room to Bot Store and understand the process of installing Bot Store components into your Automation 360 environment.
  • Just in case, you cannot access the Bot Store from your Control Room due to internet restrictions, you can download items from Bot Store locally, then import them to your Control Room. For details, see Download locally and import bots and packages from Bot Store to Control Room.
  • Take a look at the Newest bots and Popular Automation 360 Bots section whenever you visit Bot Store to see what’s new and popular and how you can learn something new.



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