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Leverage A+ Accelerators to Start, Accelerate, and Scale

  • 30 September 2022
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Leverage A+ Accelerators to Start, Accelerate, and Scale
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What are A+ Accelerators?


They're concise, pre-packaged, outcome-based services engagements. Created from real-world customer experiences, A+ Accelerators can help solve a wide variety of automation challenges. This collection has been curated specially for you as part of the Automation Pathfinder experience.

  • Choose from a library of A+ Accelerators to solve any issue with scaling automation

  • Delivered by our Professional Services experts who guide you and your team to the right solution

  • Ensure success with validated outcomes-based packages

  • Get the tools, training, and best practices necessary to help drive your automation program success

From discovering the next set of processes to automate, to checking the health of your automation program, to improving employee productivity with human-bot collaboration, our Professional Services experts have identified best practices to accelerate your automation journey success. Explore our A+ Accelerators library for a selection of solutions for the most common automation program-related challenges.


Accelerate your automation journey


Each A+ Accelerator is an outcome-based service that has a token value assigned to it and can be consumed at any point along your automation journey. A+ Accelerators can be scheduled at any time and are redeemed using A+ Tokens. Simply purchase an A+ Tokens subscription to get started. A+ Tokens are subscription-based prepaid credits used exclusively with the A+ Accelerator program. The A+ Token subscription gives you the flexibility to select one or as many A+ Accelerator packages as you need—when you need them. View the Accelerator Catalog (PDF)      


Ready to get started?


You can contact us online or by phone:

  • US: 1-888-484-3535 ext. 2
  • International: +1 408-834-7676 ext. 2

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