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Introducing: Pathfinder Academy, the fastest way to upskill your automation team

  • 18 September 2023
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Introducing: Pathfinder Academy, the fastest way to upskill your automation team
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In the fast-paced world of automation, staying ahead of the curve is vital. Automation leaders, in particular, face the task of not only nurturing their own skills but also ensuring their teams are equipped to drive automation success. Finding the right resources, training programs, and materials can be a daunting, time-consuming, and expensive task. That's why we created Pathfinder Academy — your one-stop solution where you can supercharge your automation team toward excellence with quality, hands-on learning for free.

What is Pathfinder Academy?


Pathfinder Academy is a new learning resource — your go-to source for automation training. Whether you want to give your automation team members a clear path from automation novice to ninja or you want to close specific skill gaps, you’re just a few clicks away from engaging training. Join Pathfinder Academy to explore:

  • Flexible paths with courses that build on each other
  • Engaging, video-based learning
  • Quick, digestible lessons designed to fit into busy schedules
  • Hands-on challenges that test knowledge

Because Pathfinder Academy is online, it’s available everywhere your team members are and is always 100% free.

Who is Pathfinder Academy for?


Pathfinder Academy is for automation teams of every size and roles at every level:

  • Automation leads can upskill both themselves and their team members as they work to grow their automation program.
  • Pro developers can boost productivity by learning to create, install, deploy, and maintain masterful automations of complex processes.
  • Citizen developers can drive efficiencies by learning to identify prime automation opportunities and then rapidly build them.
  • Business analysts can learn to orchestrate projects between business users and technology stakeholders.

As team members make progress through their specialized training, they’ll earn badges that validate their skills and knowledge. Plus, they also have the opportunity to earn industry-recognized certifications.

When the entire automation team stretches their skill set, they rapidly drive more value for both their organization and their career. Automation leaders can leverage Pathfinder Academy to help foster a culture of continuous learning that boosts employee morale and engagement — leading to a higher-performing, more motivated workforce.

What makes Pathfinder Academy different?


At Automation Anywhere, we understand the specific needs and challenges faced by automation leaders. Our mission is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to streamline your team's upskilling process and propel your automation program toward success. Here's what makes Pathfinder Academy a game-changer for your automation program.

1. Close skill gaps faster


Our carefully designed curriculum offers a clear path for every member of your automation team, from beginners to experts. Whether you're looking to enhance your RPA developers' coding skills, improve your business analysts' process understanding, or empower your knowledge workers to leverage automation effectively, we've got you covered. With Pathfinder Academy, you can confidently address skill gaps and ensure that your team is equipped with the expertise they need.

2. Supercharge productivity


Automation is all about efficiency, and Pathfinder Academy reflects that philosophy. We empower automation teams with training that enables you to quickly learn and apply automation to daily work processes. By doing so, you'll not only boost productivity but also unleash the full potential of your team, allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks and drive meaningful results.

3. Gain momentum to scale


Scaling your automation program requires a strong and versatile team. Pathfinder Academy strengthens your team's overall skill set, ensuring they have the knowledge and confidence to take your program from its initial stages to full-scale implementation. As an automation leader, you can't afford to stagnate. Our programs will help you maintain momentum and continue pushing the boundaries of what automation can achieve in your organization.

Career Quests vs Skill Boosters: What’s the difference?


In Pathfinder Academy, you’ll find two distinct tracks: Career Quests and Skill Boosters.

Career Quests are clear paths with lessons that build on each other. These are meant to track with specific roles within the automation team to help them develop expertise and expand their knowledge and skills. These roles include:

  • Pro Developer
  • Automation Leader
  • Citizen Developer
  • Business Analyst (coming soon!)

Skill Boosters focus on specific skills and are meant to help team members close skill gaps or learn how to use new or advanced technologies or methodologies. These do not need to be completed in any certain order.

Getting started: How to use Pathfinder Academy to upskill your automation team


To get started, simply visit the Pathfinder Academy website. Explore our Career Quests and Skill Boosters to identify training opportunities that align with your team’s goals, address key skill gaps, and meet organizational needs.

Once you’ve determined the best curriculum for your team, invite team members to complete the short, hands-on training videos. To encourage participation, share when team members earn badges and certifications. Consider providing dedicated time for learning to emphasize the importance of ongoing training.

Join us at Pathfinder Academy, and let's chart a course to a brighter, more efficient future together. Your automation training journey starts here.


Questions? Visit our FAQ page.

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