Imagine Digital: Tech Track Breakdown

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Imagine Tech Track Breakdown

Automation Anywhere's annual Imagine conference is going fully digital this year on May 11-13th. The event is free to register/attended and is 3 days of robotic process automation thought leadership, customer stories, product deep dives, and best practices. Day 3 (May 13th) is the Tech Track - a day full of demos, tutorials, and engaging experiences for those who are interested in getting hands-on with Automation 360.

For some insight into the day 3 content, we're breaking down the content based on areas of interest.

I’m new to Automation Anywhere and not sure where to start?

Getting Ready to Get Hands-On

Get registered for Automation Anywhere's Community Edition, get your machine setup, and validate your configuration with a sample bot run. This session is intended to be the pre-work that individuals can follow along with ahead of day 3 so they can hit the ground running with some of the tutorials and replicating any demos.


Building Your First Bots

If you're new to RPA or curious where to start - this is the place to start! No prior RPA experience assumed. Automation Anywhere Training Manager, Jon Stueve, and Sr. Trainer, Aaron Gleason, will take attendees through the process of building out and testing your very first Automation Anywhere bots!

I’ve seen all the standard demos before, I need something more


Hyperautomation: Self-Improving Bots

Most RPA bots automate human actions...clicking, scrolling, copying data, etc. What if we could build bots that could mimic human actions + human decision-making? In this demo, we'll dive into a sample business scenario and talk about how we can use Automation 360 + AARI for true Hyperautomation. If you're only going to attend a couple of tech-track sessions, make sure that this one is on your list.


Leveraging AARI with Intelligent Automation

AARI is the Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface. If you aren't familiar with it, AARI enables for a web, desktop, or application-specific interface for humans to interface with bots. In this tutorial, Developer Evangelist Micah Smith, will walk attendees through creating AARI web forms, and creating a process to tie those forms to pre-provided bots to create an end to end human in the loop process. Great tutorial to see how bots and humans can work together.

How can I take my organization's RPA practice to the next level?


Identifying RPA Opportunities with Discovery Bot

Explore how organizations record, analyze, and document business processes to jump-start the development of automation using Discovery Bot. Discovery Bot is an extremely effective approach for organizations looking to build up their opportunity pipeline across business units - you won't want to miss learning more about it in this session.


Insights into Your RPA Practice

Level up your RPA practice with business & operational dashboards powered by Bot Insight. Sr. Developer Evangelist Arjun S. Meda takes attendees through the various dashboards available as a part of Bot Insight, and even dives into Insights Anywhere - Bot Insight's capability to interface with popular business intelligence platforms like Power BI and Tableau.


Accelerating AP Automation with IQ Bot

Learn how to reduce invoice processing setup time by 90% using IQ Bot's pre-trained AP solution for out-of-the-box straight-through processing. In this session, we'll take a look at how the IQ Bot Extraction package can give organizations a lift not only with straight-through processing but also with scaling their ability to concurrently process more invoices.


I miss the normal interaction at in-person events

How Do I Break into the RPA Industry?

Pro-tips for differentiating yourself in RPA, landing your first RPA role, and when/where to get started if you don't have any background in RPA. Jon Stueve, Aaron Gleason, and Micah Smith answer some of the most common questions they get from students in training, comments on YouTube/A-people, and messages received on LinkedIn.


Hallway Conversation with the Experts (Live)

The day rounds out with a live Q&A session - where you get the opportunity to ask questions from the day's presenters and interact with them. This session will be live in each of the 3 time zones for Imagine (Bangalore, London, Los Angeles) - so you won't want to miss your opportunity to get your questions answered and your points of clarification made.



Imagine Digital is going to be a great time. If you haven't yet registered - you can register at Be sure to check out some of the interesting sessions on days 1 & 2, and for SURE register to be a part of the day 3 Tech Track where we'll dive into all the topics mentioned above. Can't wait to see you all there!

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