How to use Google Doc AI package in Automation 360 platform

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The Google Doc AI Package enables organizations to extract text from a variety of image and document types using Google’s pre-trained document parsers.


The package has a total of 3 actions – Connect, Extract, and Disconnect.


The extracted document text is returned as an easy-to-read JSON with key-value data for each extracted field.


JSON response received from the API can be parsed using the JSON package which has separate actions for returning a specific node value as well as returning a list of objects should your JSON contain an array.


Use these sample PDF files (see attachment below) to try out the parsers discussed in the video. (GCP). You can use this link to create a service account key on GCP. To create a new processor on Google cloud platform, you can use this link.




Google Cloud Platform has both generic OCR capabilities and specific AI-powered parsers that take documents in various formats and return cleanly structured data. Specialized solutions such as Lending DocAI, Procurement DocAI, and Contract DocAI are available from Google to solve industry-specific use cases related to data extraction which can assist you in building powerful integrations in Automation 360 bots.

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