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Exploring Thought Leadership by Contributing to Bot Store

  • 28 September 2022
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Exploring Thought Leadership by Contributing to Bot Store
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Now that you have a matured RPA practice, you can start building thought leadership and technical expertise showcase by contributing packages to Bot Store. Packages offer organizations maximum flexibility in the way they create reusable components that can be used across multiple bots. They are modular in that they can be updated independently, and maintain version controls in that upgrading a package doesn’t impact bots built off of a previous version of the same package. Here are some of the ways you can identify what are the packages to build:

  • You have been building bots for a couple of years and you have identified features that would help multiple teams immensely but are not available out of the box, then it's a good use case to build.

  • You want to build bots that automate specific enterprise applications, but there is no such specific package available and it’s currently being automated either using Recorder-Capture or with REST package.

  • Read Analyst reports about popular ERP, CRM applications, or even domain-specific enterprise applications and identify expertise in your teams and accordingly build a package.

Once you build a package, you can publish it on Bot Store and notice the trends about the different companies downloading them. Get in touch with them and understand their usage and get feedback. With direct feedback from your users, you will be able to improve your package and even offer a freemium version or wrap-around services along with the package. This way you get to build a product that the market needs, and along the way your team has got the exposure to product development in a niche category.

This option can also be considered as your way of giving something back to the community and not just as a revenue spinner. We all learn together from different forums, meetups, webinars, asking other experts on social media, and now that we have established ourselves in this space, this becomes a great option to build and strengthen the RPA community and pass on the support to others, just the way we received when we needed it.


Conclusion and Actionable Takeaways: 


As you gain experience as an RPA expert and seek to demonstrate that expertise publicly, consider submitting packages to Bot Store in order to help the community build better bots using the components you’ve developed.


Actionable Takeaways:

  • Try out the detailed guide on how to create packages starting from setting up your machine,  understanding the SDK, and building your package.
  • Check out the Bot Store Submission Checklist to learn more about the process of submitting bots and packages to Bot Store.
  • Create a marketing plan around your custom packages and create buzz on social media to get enough eyeballs on your newly built package.

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