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Contributing Specific Bots to the Bot Store

  • 28 September 2022
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Contributing Specific Bots to the Bot Store
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As you now have exposure to building production-grade bots and automating a variety of use cases, you can explore contributing specific Bots to Bot Store. Gone are the days we built something for ourselves and thought we just want to keep it to ourselves as they are our USP (Unique selling point), however, what if we told you, there is a better way to build your brand by showcasing your expertise with the world and build competitive advantage online. Now you are curious to know how it can really help you by contributing to Bot Store, let’s look at some of the key benefits:


Creates a Marketing funnel

Once you publish your bots on Bot Store, your work is seen by a lot of Automation Anywhere customers who look at the Bot Store for new automations to be built. When they download your bot, you will be notified with their email information, which you can use to follow up and understand how it's working for them and offer additional services to build new features or to manage their existing automations.





Building Your Brand

Establishing your brand online takes a lot of effort and money. Bot Store provides you with an opportunity to build your brand at no cost. You can create a company page like this and link all your listings along with your contact information. Take a look at this page to see how your company page can potentially look like. Automation Anywhere invests in promoting the Bot Store and you get to reap the benefits of our marketing.


Creating a Portfolio of your offerings

When you pitch to any customer to even to existing customers, they may ask for demos and trial versions to see how the bot works. You can create listing pages for all your offerings along with demo videos, and documentation on how to use them. Let them try out your bots, which provides an opportunity for the customer to evaluate your expertise and engage your team to build automations for them.



Explore the art of creating joint solutions

Connect with different vendors on the Bot Store and explore complimentary skillsets/technologies and offer joint solutions to Customers for automating their end-to-end use cases.

There are hundreds and thousands of Enterprise applications in the market and it will be hard for the Automation Anywhere product team alone to build packages to work with all these applications. But the beauty of the platform is that it is extensible, and new packages can be created by expert developers using the Java package SDK. By using this SDK, there are custom packages available on Bot Store to work with different applications which are not available out of the Box.

These new packages available on Bot Store can open up potential new automation opportunities which may not have been possible previously or require coding using different technologies that your team may not be skilled to develop themselves. Also, we’re making available many of our free package offerings available as open-source code on GitHub, which will allow you to further customize these offerings to meet your needs.

You may want to try out this package that works with ServiceNow that helps you Automate incident management. You can integrate with the Table API, Attachments API and also trigger a bot from a new or updated incident.



Similarly, you can also explore a package that works with PDFs with which you can read PDF forms, set PDF form fields, and merge PDF documents. Some of the functionalities may overlap with the out-of-the-box actions, however, there are specific use cases in which this package can come in handy.



Conclusion and Actionable Takeaways:


Sky is the limit on what you can achieve by leveraging the Bot Store. It is like a reference manual to identify use cases and learn new ways to automate. It can act as a marketing lead funnel to attract new customers to your offerings and work as an online resume to showcase your expertise.


Actionable Takeaways:

  • Check out the Bot Store Submission Checklist to learn more about the process of submitting bots to the Bot Store and unlocking a new door to a world of new opportunities.
  • Leverage the application integration packages available on Bot Store to automate use cases with enterprise applications that do not have out-of-the-box packages from the Automation Anywhere product team.
  • Check out the source code available on GitHub for a number of packages built by Automation Anywhere.

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