User Form With Table - Unexpected Behavior

  • 28 February 2023
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  • I have a BOT with a data table which has pre-defined columns (11 columns)
  • I have a user form with a data table which has three columns
  • I’m using a process to display the initial form to a user (AARI) and they fill in as many rows as they want
  • I have the data table variable from the form mapped to the data table in my BOT
  • Columns names match the first three columns


I am able to loop through the data table in my BOT and see the data in each row for the first three columns (although the first row 0 is blank). I am not able to access the other pre-defined columns in the table in any way. I can’t use the “set value of a single cell” on column 4, 5, 6 etc. as I loop. I can’t include any columns beyond the three columns from the form when writing to a log file.

What’s happening here? Does mapping a table in AARI wipe out the pre-defined columns in my data table variable?

What I need to do:

  1. Accept three columns of data from a user
  2. Loop through the data and add additional related data based on other BOT actions (like navigating to internal systems and looking up data)
  3. Access the data in columns 4-11 populated in #2 above to further do data input

Any help would be appreciated!


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3 replies

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Hi @JMarino ,


Are you using same variable for Data table from the BOT and Data table from the User Form? If yes, then it will surely get overwritten upon assigning the Data table from User form.

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That is peculiar behavior and should be better documented! The only way I’ve found to get the data in to my pre-defined table is by using the “Insert Column” command and move the data from one table to another. That command is confusing too. “Insert column” intuitively means adding a new column, NOT copying data from one column to another (which is what the command actually does).

So I solved this by using an undefined Data Table to bring the data in from AARI and then copying each column where I need it in my data table that has a schema. 

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Actually my above answer did NOT solve the problem Even using the InsertColumn action adds columns with new data instead of putting the data in the position it needs to be in.