Unable to download the bot or the dependencies to the device

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Hi AA Communitee,

One of my Bot Developers is running into this issue. I have already ran through the below steps and still having issues:

  1. Re-installing the Bot Agent with Admin role.
  2. Restarting the Bot Agent Service and preloading the packages.
  3. Stopping the Bot Agent Service and renaming the Global Cache Folder to some other name. Then Again starting the Bot Agent.

Not sure what other steps I can take to resolve this within the developing environment any advice?



Best answer by Lisa Wingebach 23 May 2023, 20:18

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@Flipper  Please check the folder level permissions for the user,  looks like this is access issue for the folders under mytask

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Thank you for the response @rbkadiyam , I’ve confirmed with our Bot Developer that his automation has access to the folders within his RPA process. Any other recommendations?

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Hi @Flipper,

Is your developer trying to run Cloned bots in Dev from their ‘Private’ tab? 

If so, I had this issue as well, and resolved it by doing the following:

  1. On the ‘Private’ tab, deleting the cloned bots that I was trying to run
  2. Going to ‘Public’ tab, and re-cloning the bots (both master and child bots)
  3. Going to ‘Private’ tab, and trying to run them again