Task Bot built in older version. How can I upgrade the packages for use with it?

  • 10 March 2023
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I am trying to troubleshoot an issue with email attachment saving through the email package.

It seems like the issue is due to the bot saving the attachments without a file extension.


When I create a new task bot, this issue is not repeatable with the same emails.


It seems like the older task bot is using a different email package version to connect to Outlook.

Is there any way to upgrade these packages without completely re-making the task bot?

We have been using Automation 360 the whole time, so this isn’t being migrated from 2019.


Old task bot step details:

Old task bot step details


Newly created task bot step details:

Newly created task bot step details



Best answer by Raul Jaimes 10 March 2023, 17:43

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Update the package bot using the opcion Packages from the menu.



and change the version you want to use.





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Thank you, I thought I tried clicking on all these options within the bot, but I guess I missed this one.