sub task not getting executing in higher env

  • 16 January 2023
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I recently migrated my bot from v11 to A360 and it's working fine in the development environment, but when I run it in the test or higher environment, I am encountering a strange issue. The main task is not executing the first sub task and I am not getting any error message. Additionally, some variables are being reassigned as blank after the run task command.

I have tried checking for syntax errors and logical issues in the code, and I have also verified that all necessary dependencies and modules are properly installed and configured. However, I am still having trouble resolving this issue.

If anyone has any idea of what might be causing this or has encountered a similar problem before, I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions you can offer.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!


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3 replies

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Hi @RajeshS106234 

Can you share error screenshots if any?

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@RajeshS106234 check if you have version mismatch in both Dev & higher env… also please check the default package versions in both envs.

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Hi All, 

Issue is resolved now-