StorageFileUri must start with crdata://. Invalid StorageFileUri: while uploading file through AARI

  • 29 April 2024
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Trying to upload a file via AARI, the file should be then used by task bot for further processing, getting below error “StorageFileUri must start with crdata://. Invalid StorageFileUri:” . 


1 reply

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Hi @madhurij1103,


I faced the same issue and was able to get around it by not using a file type variable in the ‘Get Storage file’ command, instead feed the file location from the input form in a string variable (input variable for your Task Bot) and use that in your command by selecting the ‘Desktop file’ option instead.


Your string variable should hold a value which looks like: “crdata://aari/v2/files/2585?fn=<filename>.pdf”, where <filename> is the respective file name you uploaded. You can verify the value using a message box.

Here is a screenshot of the command: