SNMP Send Trap: How do you add Variable Bindings?

  • 31 July 2023
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We are looking into the SNMP Send Trap command


We need to define Variable Bindings that we can send with the SNMP Send Trap Command. Has anyone been able to achieve this, and can you tell us how you accomplished it?


Many thanks!



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1 reply

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The response from AA Support is

After discussing a bit with internal teams. It seems like their is no way to specify the variable bindings you are asking for at this time.

You can use enterprise specific option to specify a trap number. You can save the result to a variable and then use commands to parse through the information to display a custom message.

If you would like we can get an enhancement request raised to see if we can get this feature added. Please fill out in detail and make sure to specify exactly what kind of variable bindings you are looking for.

Enhancement request has been raised/submitted.