SAP error in communication (invalid shared memory)

  • 27 December 2023
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Hi Team,

Have anyone has got error for 

SAP : Error in communication (invalid shared memory) 


Error started poping up suddenly in our automated process which was working since last 2 years.

What could be cause for same.

Thanks & regards,



Best answer by Syed Zaman Akhtar 27 December 2023, 12:26

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Certainly, Manish. Here's a brief overview of steps to address the "SAP: Error in communication (invalid shared memory)" issue in Automation Anywhere A360:

  1. Verify SAP Connection Parameters: Check if the parameters in your bots for SAP connections are correct and unchanged.

  2. Assess Recent Changes: Look into any recent updates or changes in your SAP environment or Automation Anywhere setup that might have impacted communication.

  3. Ensure SAP GUI Scripting is Enabled: Confirm that SAP GUI scripting is active, as it's essential for Automation Anywhere's interaction with SAP.

  4. Inspect Shared Memory Usage: Check if there are any shared memory limitations on the server where your bots are running, and make sure SAP is configured properly for shared memory usage.

These steps are coming in my mind right now for resolving potential causes for the communication error.