SAP Automation Using A360

  • 22 February 2022
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Hi team,

I​ Agree that A360 is good automation tool but not for all Application automations particularly for SAP

A360 become very pressure to developers facing mental stress particularly to automate SAP leads not having much knowldge and giving bots to developers assuming everything can be done in A360

But not...

example A360 is supporting only script level automation like in V10 not like SAPGUI​ in v11..script level automation based on window ids

For few of menu items, window Id a are looking similar and window Id is changing frequently based on screen there any way to overcome this issue,

if not please at least please explain to u r customers to not to go sap automation till next update comes so that at least developers feel satisfy..

If you need challnge i can provide u challenge if u can able to complet simple use case without any issiues i will withdraw my post..

Please dont trouble developwrs because of partial knowlsge of tech leads .

​one of my friend struggling lot to complete 2 steps using SAP automation using A360 .. one time it is working fine and immediately second time it is showing error message window I'd not found...


 Also can u pls provide me minimum system requirement information document to work on A360 just to understand



3 replies

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Hello @Mahesh S​ , Sorryto hear that the trouble you are facing with SAP Automation. I would request to raise a support ticket with specific issues that you are facing and the support team will provide you the resolution or workaround.


We recommend having 8GB of RAM and 4 Core CPUs for the Botagent VMs. Please refer to the article below for more details.

Bot agent compatibility (

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Hi @Mahesh S​ ,


RPA is still in its development stage, so there are bound to be issues.

If you can post few of the issues you are facing here on the APeople forum, we can help you out.

I can't guarantee that we will always have an answer, but we will try our best.


Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K

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Hi @Mahesh S​ ,


A360 has an SAP package that contains a foolproof solution to automate SAP.>


Please go through it.


If there are specific use cases you need help in automating please add as separate questions so the developer forum can review them.