Paste From Shared Clipboard - Error

  • 14 January 2022
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I noticed some changes to the A360 Control Room today.

One of them has caused some issues for me.


I built some new logic in a "test" bot and intended on pasting it into an existing bot but get a error massage "Cannot change version of packages in use"

Has anyone else seen this?

Can I update package version in existing bots to be compatible with steps built in a new bot?


6 replies

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Hi @Chris Loomis​ ,


Yes update the package version to avoid this error.

Yes I have experienced this, you can either update your production bot to the current package version, or revert your new task bot to version used in production.

Thank you Chandu and Alex!

Is there any reason you would not want to update to the newest package?

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Hi @Chris Loomis​ ,


You can but make sure both the bots have same versions

If you are needing to repair/ break-fix an automation it is safest to match the current package in use. If the automation is still in preproduction, than it is a good time to update the the most current versions in both.

Thank you Alex,

I have updated the packages.