Object cloning issue with 11.3.5 version

  • 28 February 2022
  • 3 replies

Hi Team,I am working on one of the use case where on webpage there are multiple Select buttons and when I captured the object,all the properties of the object looked same(except the height,width etc).Hence bot is not able to identify which one to click on.Is there any way we can differentiate between the object properties.

3 replies

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Could you please share which button you are trying to capture? If you include a screen here that really helps to find the solution.


I was able to navigate the link but was unable to find the select buttons that you referred




I won't be able to share the url as it's prod instance...​But I have shared the object properties.If possible..Can we please connect through zoom or teams

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Hi Neha,


If you could not find any properties which are unique for that object that you can use the Linked object functionality where the object will be searched using the nearest unique objects.


Please refer to the Link an object to a supporting anchor section from the below document.>