INSERT (the overwrite key) when using Terminal Emulator

  • 22 February 2023
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Using the terminal Emulator Package (current version 4.8.0-20220923-172123), I can’t find the Insert key. On the list of keys are all the usual affair, F keys, TAB, ENTER etc, but no INSERT (the overwrite key).

Any one got any ideas?

I reviewed this link but it has no mention of the insert key either;

2 replies

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Hi @BeauG107806 ,


Please use shift+anykey or tab+anykey from keystrokes and see.

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Please follow below instructions:

  1. Execute TE connect package
  2. Pause the bot
  3. Create a duplicate tab of the same bot
  4. Drag Simulate Keystroke package
  5. Provide a 'Title' of TE screen
  6. Specify the following pattern in the "Keystrokes" section
    1. [TAB] [INSERT]

If the requirement is to enter [INSERT] key then, you can pass the following pattern in the "Keystrokes" section 

To pass any key on TE screen via Simulate Keystroke package, make sure to pass the [TAB] key first then other keys will be followed.