INSERT (the overwrite key) when using Terminal Emulator

  • 22 February 2023
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Using the terminal Emulator Package (current version 4.8.0-20220923-172123), I can’t find the Insert key. On the list of keys are all the usual affair, F keys, TAB, ENTER etc, but no INSERT (the overwrite key).

Any one got any ideas?

I reviewed this link but it has no mention of the insert key either;

4 replies

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Hi @BeauG107806 ,


Please use shift+anykey or tab+anykey from keystrokes and see.

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Please follow below instructions:

  1. Execute TE connect package
  2. Pause the bot
  3. Create a duplicate tab of the same bot
  4. Drag Simulate Keystroke package
  5. Provide a 'Title' of TE screen
  6. Specify the following pattern in the "Keystrokes" section
    1. [TAB] [INSERT]

If the requirement is to enter [INSERT] key then, you can pass the following pattern in the "Keystrokes" section 

To pass any key on TE screen via Simulate Keystroke package, make sure to pass the [TAB] key first then other keys will be followed.






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I’ve tried the SHIFT INSERT option, it does nothing.

TAB INSERT does seem to interact with the emulator, however it does not seem to be entering the INSERT key, its functioning as the F4 key, which in this instance is back, so I end up at the screen I came from before the key insert.

Any other ideas?

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Upon further testing, it seems there is an issue with the INSERT key itself. It does not seem to be sending that specific key correctly, and therefore is functioning as the F4 key.