I would like to run Two Bots in a same machine in parallel.

  • 18 October 2022
  • 2 replies

I would like to run Two Bots in a same machine in parallel, came to know that we can use Windows server OS and login with 2 different user to achieve it. But none of the Documentation is clear, glad if anyone has the Documentation or Videos please share.

2 replies

Hi Vishnu,


This would be technically possible given some conditions:

  1. You are running on a Terminal(Windows Server OS) which allows multiple-user logins and threads,
  2. You have two separate Bot Runners assigned to two different User Accounts which login to Terminal.


Would you share more of your current setup so we can get more details and be able to help more?




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What exactly are you having problems with? Typically all you need to do is login to the CR with an Admin account, go to Manage>>Devices on the left, edit the device and change it from Single to Multiple Users:


forumPicOnce you've done this, the instructions at the link below walk you through all you need to do for configuring multiple bots to run concurrently:


About multi-user devices (