I would like to check/confirm if have an option to perform reply all from an email which is present in a shared mailbox using Outlook/Email Server/EWS options

  • 20 October 2022
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My requirement is to read email from a shared mailbox. Post reading the emails in a loop, I should perform Reply All from the desired email in the shared mailbox


As per my understanding, currently we only have option to read emails from shared mailbox. Also, this only works using the Outlook option - which again needs Outlook desktop application installed on bot running device and does not work for Email Server/EWS options


Is this understanding right? Also, are there any options for performing reply all from shared mailbox?



1 reply

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Yes, unfortunately the author(s) of the standard email package weren't thinking and left out a lot of functionality. At present, probably the easiest way is to grab the CC and BCC fields from the email and then just include them in the reply.


For example, my loop is looking for every email that meets a certain subject line, and then saving them as a Dictionary named oEmail:


imageAs I loop through the emails that meet this criteria, I save the oEmail{emailCc} and oEmail{emailBcc} values off as string vars:



Finally, in my Email>>Reply action I include those string values in the appropriate fields:



Edit: Just in case you have not seen it yet, here is documentation on everything you can pull from the email dictionary that is created.


Using dictionary variable for email properties (