I want to be able to close all open windows prior to a bot starting to run. There are times when something is left open from a previous process and I want to be able to close all to start fresh.

  • 23 February 2022
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The issue with the close all window action is when it comes to a program that has a file that could be saved (i.e. Excel) and the current close all option does not allow me to select Yes/No. I would like to be able to loop through all open windows and if a save option appears then to perform another action. Any ideas would be appreciated.

4 replies

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Hi @Bill Gregware​ ,


Add this step in the bot start so it will cleanup if any excel applications are open,


Application: Open program/file

Pass value for "Location of the program/file" as TASKKILL

Pass value for "Parameters" as /F /T /IM excel.exe


@Bill Gregware​ : Create a re usable bot which you can use it for future automations. Create as new task and as @ChanduMohammad S​  mentioned add those steps. In the same way you can close IE/ Chrome / your applications etc.


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Hi @Bill Gregware​ ,


Could you try dragging in an Open Program/Application Action and pass in the applications like so?



Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K



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Hello @Bill Gregware​ 


As mentioned in previous comment depending on your application that bot is handling you can add bot logic to perform taskkill.exe, else you can configure control room Auto login setting to "Always create new session"


Which will ensure to logoff windows session (if existing with any open application) and create new session for bot execution.