I'm not getting use string: to locale number. I'm put the correct ISO CODE but it's doesn't work. How can I use this action ?

  • 24 February 2022
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2 replies

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Hello @William Mota​ 


Thank you for writing us at the AA forum.


Request to check the below documentation for the feature which suggests adding the two-letter ISO codes for the locale you want to use


For assistance through our Support Engineers, please reach us via Support case>


You can also check our Live Chat support option, for quick assistance from our engineers>


You can also search for available documentation in>


For more details, you are welcome to leverage our open source portal where multiple use case is available>


Hi @Vivek Vaidyanathan​ ,


I tried to use with two letters but it's doesn't worked.



And I tried to access the link:

 But it's doesn't work too, "Invalid Page / Page Load Error"appeared. I read the documentation but nothing helped.