I have copied (cloned) a taskbot. If i edit the new (copied) one, then it still behaves like to original taskbot, even if i delete a step (action) and run it, it is still deploying that (deleted) action, like it is running the original bot.

  • 20 January 2022
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5 replies

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Create a read-only copy of the bot from the public workspace to the private workspace so that you can have a local copy without checking out the bot.>>

Thank you Tamil for your answer! if i make a local copy, can i edit that local copy itself, so it works as a robot on his own ? and actually run these changes (edits)

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Hi @peter koning​ ,


For making edits you need to checkout the bot from Public workspace and make the necessary changes to it.

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Clone is read mode (copy) so you can't do the changes. You have to check out the bot/Task and edit the code.



If I check out a bot, can I edit it and thus create a new bot based off the check out bot? (Check the new bot in and rename it to something new whilst keeping the original bot?)