How to use find file/folder in Gdrive package

  • 6 March 2023
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So i’m currently working with google drive package and i wanted to check whether the folder exist within the google drive, for that reason i use find file/folder in the google drive package.

I filled all the needed properties but i’m stuck in the return list of files or folders, what’s the key actually? i tried to run it without filling both and it runs perfectly fine, i am just confuse how to get the folder name using either dictionary or multiple variable


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2 replies

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Hello @David Jansen , You need to create your OAuth 2.0 on google using link

I hope it will help you 

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You can run the task in debug mode to get the keys.

Here are the keys and values:


Always present, x is the number of file/folder found:

NumberOfFiles : “X”


Depending on  number of file/folder found:

File1: {“fileId”: “id1xyz” , fileName: “FileorFolder1Name”}

File2: {“fileId”: “id2xyz” , fileName: “FileorFolder2Name”}

File3: {“fileId”: “id3xyz” , fileName: “FileorFolder3Name”}

and so on