How to separate a bot with over 500 lines

  • 13 January 2023
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Hi everyone,


what is the best way to separate a task bot with over 500 lines.

Now I have a task with Excel which is with over 360 lines and may be will need more 200 lines to finish it.

I have separated the bot on 3 parts and again not working good.


How you are separating your boots , are there any dependencies between variables in different parts?




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Hi @tdimitrova ,


There are some basics to be followed if you are going with the modular BOTs like preparing Input/Output variables, sharing excel session in between Parent and child bots etc. Check the below tutorial and also refer here for further details on this.




One tip I can give you here on the number of lines of code is, the more the lines of code, the more will be the execution time especially with the excel automation. So, you can either use Data Table or Database packages which are execution wise faster than the Excel Advanced/Basic packages.