How to deal with two windows with same title in Automation 360

  • 5 April 2023
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Hi Everyone,


We have two windows opened with same title. We need the bot to click on required window.

Currently when we try to capture it’s getting the data from only active window.

Is there a way to switch between two windows with same title like these?


Thanks in advance.





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@gowthambj   - check below if it can help 



The "Name window..." feature allows users to change the title of the browser window (Chrome/Edge)


The Chrome and Edge browsers are providing the option to change the title of the browser window by navigating to ‘More tools > Name window…’ feature. Currently, we are not supporting this feature and the automation may not function as expected.


The error is observed as the state of the browser window is changed using its ‘More tools > Name window…’ feature. The error message will be thrown as depicted below:

There was a problem at line 1 This may be due to the following reason: Unable to find 'automationanywhere / pkg-google-drive / Pull requests — Bitbucket' because the application is not running. To continue, edit the bot and fix the error. Then, try again. If you continue to see this message, please contact your system administrator.



This is a known limitation at this time and we will work towards enhancing the product functionality to support this feature in future releases.




Unable to detect elements in a window when we have windows with same title. The new window with the same title is a popup window that is opened in between a process and contains the same name as the parent, hence AA is unable to detect/interact with the elements in this popup.


1. Use "Currently Active Window" and then capture the object.
2. In case if user wants to run this task in unattended mode and other applications are also open with the current application then we need to use below approach:
-->Try to activate the currently active window where you need to perform the functions using "Windows Actions - Activate Window" command and build the code accordingly.​