How to convert number to text v11

Hi, my requirement is number to text conversation without DLL in v11.
Example: 6382 six three eight two
Could you please suggest better way to achieve this..?
Thanks in advance

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Hi @Naveen Kumar​ ,


You can achieve this by following the below steps,


  • Split each digit and Store it in variable
  • Use If conditions, Ex if include 6, assign the value to Six, if include 3, assign the value to Three
  • Assign the above all variables to a single variable to get the results





Hi @Naveen Kumar​,


@Tamil Arasu​'s answer is the exact thing that comes to my mind.


Best regards,


Thanks for your inputs. All digits needs to store in single variable or each word have to create each variable..?

Using the regular expression with string command suggest any other way to achieve this.

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A single variable is enough to store the values.


For example, get the length 1st, so the above case is 4

Use the loop and increment the counter

Use the counter value to extraction like substring, ..etc



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CapturePlease remove the message boxes and more numbers in the loop.


Note : Assign the counter variable to Substring