How do we report a problem with AA360 Community Edition2?

Is there a way to make AA aware of an issue on Community Edition 2?


I understand that there is no formal support and all that but it would be very useful to know that AA are aware of the problem and will fix it in due course. I'm not referring to the publicized maintenance windows in this question.


Community Edition2 has periods when you cannot start a bot. The message "Deploying to your computer..." is displayed and nothing happens thereafter. In my situation I cannot start any bot (across 3 computers and 2 accounts). Two of the machines are AWS EC2. The problem always fixes itself at some point. I have seen similar complaints on the forums.


As of this message, Community2 has been down (can connect but not run a bot) for almost 24 hours and all the while the status page indicates that all is well.


I'm not expecting any priority to fix it but I do expect a mechanism to report it and an indication that they are aware of the issue.

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Hi @Ross Veitch​ ,

Greetings from Automation Anywhere Team,

We support the A360 Community Edition issues via Apeople Forums ->


If the suggested KB doesn't work for the reported issue, we can log a case for you from our end to troubleshoot the issue further.


Please can you check out my latest issue - there are others with the same problem. I'd just like to know whether it's being looked at or not.