EOL And EOM for V11

  • 6 January 2022
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Hello, Could someone please share the revised EOM and EOL dates for Automation Anywhere v11. We are currently on Thanks!

7 replies

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Below the link, you can find a detailed explanation of EOS, EOM, and EOL*2vendn*_ga*NDg4Nzg0NzkzLjE2MTg0NzEyNDI.*_ga_DG1BTLENXK*MTYxODQ3MTI0MS4xLjEuMTYxODQ3MjMyMC4zNw..&_ga=2.181410222.847876978.1618471242-488784793.1618471242

Thanks, But is it the latest one? The dates were revised multiple times, from what I can recall, I think EOL was in 2023, but just wanted to confirm.

hi @Varun Chugh​ 

I received below mail from AA on Fri 7/9/2021 , regarding EOL and EOM. Might it helps you .


Thank you for choosing Automation Anywhere as your trusted partner. Your feedback is valuable to us as we focus on providing you and your customers the best possible experience. We understand the impact COVID-19 had on many of our customers around the world and want to support them the best way we can. Based on you and your customers’ feedback, we are extending the Enterprise 11 End of Maintenance (EOM) date to March 1, 2022, and End of Life (EOL) to March 1, 2023, to provide more time to plan your transition to Automation 360.

This six-month extension provides you an opportunity to work with us to plan your upgrade to Automation 360 and benefit from the only cloud-native, integrated intelligent automation platform that enables you to automate 2 times more processes, 3 times faster, and with the lowest TCO.

Note your new Enterprise 11 EOM and EOL dates

EOM – New date: March 1, 2022 (previously September 1, 2021)

  • As of this date, there will be no more code changes, including enhancements or bug fixes on Enterprise 11. Customers with active contracts will continue to receive technical support to identify/implement workarounds on a best effort basis.
  • Documentation and knowledge base articles will continue to be available to all customers.

EOL – New date: March 1, 2023 (previously September 1, 2022)

  • As of this date, Enterprise 11 products will no longer be supported.
  • Documentation and knowledge base articles will continue to be available but technical support will be discontinued.


For more information, read the FAQ about Enterprise 11 EOM and EOL here.

Here’s how to proceed with you and your customers’ upgrade with minimal disruption:

Take advantage of this extension period to plan you and your customers’ migration to Automation 360 and begin leveraging the possibilities of cloud-native RPA along with additional capabilities of the platform. Here are tips on what to do next:


Step 1: Review the documents in the Automation 360 Migration Resource Center. This material walks you and your customers through what to expect, how to use the tools, and where to find details on specific topics, including running the Bot Scanner to review migration readiness.

Step 2: Connect with your Automation Anywhere representative to find out how to experience Automation 360 side by side with the current RPA program. In addition, you and your customers will be able to try new products like Discovery Bot, our process discovery solution, and AARI, our low-code/no-code digital assistant for every employee. Explore a variety of great examples of what customers are achieving with Automation 360 here.

You and your customers’ success is our top priority. Contact your Automation Anywhere representative today if you need help getting started.

-Your Automation Anywhere Team

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Hi @Varun Chugh​ ,


As @Tamil Arasu​  mentioned its latest communication from AA, EOL is not extended to 2023. Sonner you plan for migration you have more time to manage things.

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We have renewed AA v 11.3.4 license till June 2023. So will that support the bot run and development after EOL window​ which is March 2023.will it face any functional issues.

Please help me on above queries. Thanks for your help in advance



Will the date be extended? (March 1, 2023).



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@Srujana OS100222 from 01/04/2023 the support from AA will not available for A11.x versions as its going to EoL 03/2023.