Device Pools - Clarification Needed

  • 8 August 2023
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We are new to the RPA journey and want to clarify if the below items are possible in A360:

  1. Can a single user/auto-login device be set up in a device pool?
  2. How do you run an automation utilizing the the device pool without selecting a device?

We are are able to add our devices to pools, but when attempting to run and/or schedule automations we are still prompted to select a user/device. Users are currently set with a default device. Trying to understand if we need to convert everything to multi-user setup.



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3 replies

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Hello @Remie , Yes its possible to create a device pool with one device in it but the actual concept is to have multiple devices added to the device pool so that we will have optimal usage of devices and Automation 360 licenses. 

When Running or scheduling a task bot, you may chose the Run as user and chose the device pool. 

About device pools (

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@Remie please check if auto login setting enabled and credentials updated under my settings in runner machine...


Thanks, @Sajith Sudhakaran & @rbkadiyam – adding to the thread as I work with @Remie. We will confirm the auto login setting is enabled.

For more details, we have setup multiple auto-login devices in a pool, selected the run as user, chose the device pool, and scheduled. However when we have the same run as user scheduled during the same time period on more than one machine, it’s not defaulting the second taskbot to a different device in the pool. It’s queuing on the selected run as user/device, waiting until the first task runs, then the second task is starting. Is there something we might be missing? Thank you again.