Checking out/In Doesn't Complete

  • 19 July 2023
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When checking a bot out and back in I my Control Rooms still says the bot is checked out.

It then gets stuck like this.

If I cancel the check out, then the bot status does reset to “Public” and oddly the bot has got the new changes. So it seems to have worked. 

The bot history is missing the new version.

The bot before was on V1 with old packages, can this be a factor.


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3 replies

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We have experienced the same issue, has happened 3 times and then eventually does work off the check in / check out tasks after several hours. The issue seems to correct itself and after working with AA support currently don't know what the cause is.  It is not bot, user or time specific, from what we are experiencing.

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1)Check in the task and see successfully checked in message displays.

2)Refresh the public and private folder

3)Expand and collapse the folder.


This issue is coming frequently. if you do above steps then it should not display as checked out.



Aravindh S

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Hi @Rob Sytner 😀

If your running A360 v.29 CR build 18345 it has an issue that impacts the ability to check-in bots that were cloned by other users in specific cases.

This issue is fixed in a360 v.29 Build 18361.

This document outlines the issue.,the%20following%20steps%3A