Can we automate applications in Chinese and Korean languages using AA360?

  • 15 December 2022
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Hi Team,

We need to automate web applications in Chinese and Korean. Does AA360 support Chinese and Korean languages. Can we use recorder to perform all operations on the websites just as English Language.  Even the input data to the bot will be Chinese and Korean. Can we perform string manipulation using AA360 in these languages? 


Please let me know the configuration changes that have to be made to enable automation of applications using these languages. Links to Documentation on the supported languages will be very helpful


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3 replies

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Hi @anandc ,

Chinese and Korean languages are supported by A360.

Kindly refer the below link which contains all supported languages by A360. Hope this will help you.


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Hi @anandc ,

Yes, we can automate applications in Chinese and Korean languages using AA360. It’s handle the web elements so won’t be impact while capturing the process/steps.





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Dear @anandc,


Yes, Automation Anywhere Enterprise 360 (AA360) supports Chinese and Korean, as well as many other languages. You can use the Automation Anywhere Enterprise client to record actions on web applications in Chinese and Korean, and you can also use it to input Chinese and Korean data into the bot.

AA360 also supports string manipulation in Chinese and Korean, so you can use it to perform operations such as extracting substrings, concatenating strings, and replacing characters in Chinese and Korean text. To do this, you can use the String commands in the Automation Anywhere Enterprise client, such as the Substring, Concatenate, and Replace commands.

Note that AA360 may not be able to recognize certain characters or text in Chinese and Korean if the font or encoding used on the web page is not supported. In this case, you may need to use alternative methods to extract or manipulate the text.