BOT Scheduling Logic

  • 31 October 2022
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Hi Guys,


Let's say I have a bot scheduled to run 3 times in a day. On the first scheduled run, BOT was unable to find the input file required for processing, so it ended sending out a notification to the stakeholders.


On the second scheduled run for the day, it found the input file, completed the processing and it deletes the input file at the end.


Now, for the third schedule, the bot should not run since it has already processed the input file in second run.


Can anyone please help me achieve this logic?

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Hi @Abhishek Mishra​ ,


I believe the 1st two schedules are works fine.

3rd schedule, before that you have to check whether the file has been processed or not.


Let's say, you can create the flag variable/other variable references for checking each run's scheduled results.


For example, update the log file for each run about the files (processed or not). In the scripts, please include the conditions for checking the results.


1 schedule run - no file the log file should be updated (for example no file).

2 schedule run - file available, processed, and updated as (processed)

3 schedule run - checking the updated log file, If the status is processed then end the process, if not then process the file.