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  • 2 March 2022
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I try to understand AA queues :)

Let's say that I populate the queue with 5 items.

I understand that when the bot runs (and it's connected to the queue), it will pick up the first item from the queue, a process that item and then ... stop.

How to pick up the next item?

If I know how many items are within the queue, I can manage that.

But what is the amount of items within the queue is dynamic?

In other RPA software, you can create a loop and check if the next item is available or populated.

Is it anything similar to AA?

How to design a bot for processing a queue where the number of items is unknown and dynamic?

As a result of the processed item is a success or exception - am I right?

Can we design a bot for marking items as success or exceptions (system exception, business exception)


5 replies

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Hi @Robert Ozog​ ,


In Queues, there is a concept of Reactivation Threshold.

If the Threshold is placed at 2, then as soon as the Queue item count reaches 2, the bot pool is activated and the items are processed.



Here are some documentation for further reading.


Exceptions, especially business exceptions can be "created" by using the Error Handler: Throw Action.

Here is a tutorial on that.


Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K


I try to understand your words correctly.

If I set Reactivation Threshold to 4 and I'll populate the queue with 4 items, will the bot start the process?

What if Reactivation Threshold is set to 1. Every time I populate the queue, the bot will start the process?


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You are correct. A queue is processed until all work items are completed. When new work items are added to the queue, the Reactivation Threshold value specifies the minimum number of new work items required to resume queue processing. Work items are those items with a Ready to Run status.


You can read more about this here!


  1. I developed a bot, connected it to a queue, and set Reactivation Threshold to 1; as soon I populate the queue, the bot will start? When the bot finish processing the current queue and in the next 1h, I'll add another item, it will be a "trigger" for a bot to start again? What with scheduling? What will have the priority Reactivation Threshold or scheduler?
  2. I developed a bot and, connected it to a queue, set Reactivation Threshold to 10. I'll populate the queue with 7 items. I'll set up a scheduler to run the bot in the next few hours. How many items will be processed?
  3. If I need to run once a day, I have no idea how many items will go into the queue. How should I set it up to ensure that the bot will run at the scheduled time and process all items within the queue?
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Hi @Robert Ozog​ ,


  1. Scheduling takes the priority over Queue. Even though there are workitems to be deployed, if the scheduled times appear then scheduled bot gets deployed
  2. If the reactivation threshold is set to 10 queue will not get deployed unless you have 10 workitems.if the scheduled times appear then scheduled bot gets deployed
  3. As highlighted at point 1, scheduling takes the priority over WLM