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  • 22 December 2022
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Microsoft has a program (User Voice) where you can make software feature suggestions and these suggestions are subsequently upvoted or downvoted based on community input.  If the suggestion gets enough traction it is put on the product roadmap for development.  Is there something similar for Automation Anywhere? 


There seems to be a lot of room for improvement in a number of different packages.  I have an extensive background in Excel and the way this is laid out seems to be very antiquated.  I would like to make some suggestions….


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3 replies

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If you have identified some enhancements you can raise a support ticket to Automation Anywhere



They will request  you some additional information




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Hi @Matt 7768 

You can make enhancement request via AA Support request by selecting Type as Enhancement category , Contact your PEM or CSM to speed up the process if you are a partner or client.

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@Raul Jaimes @ChanduMohammad 


Thanks so much for the help!  Glad to know this is something AA has thought about.