Automation Anywhere "Formula" Shortcuts

  • 22 December 2022
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I’ve noticed that I can convert a string to a number or vice versa using syntax like this:




I find this useful because it saves the conversion step in the interface.  I was interested to know if anyone else has suggestions for more of this type of stuff where I can use shorthand or “formula-ish” language in place of the interface?


For example…..stuff like this:


Can I split a string and get the position of X element in one “formula”?


Can I string out specific text based on start and end in one “formula”…. rather than the clunky interface?


Basically common shortcuts to cut out additional steps…..


Best answer by Padmakumar 22 December 2022, 15:34

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3 replies

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Hi @Matt 7768 ,


Please access below link to get further details on this.


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Hi @Matt 7768 

The simplest approach to check this is to place a . in front of the $ symbol at the end of any variable you have.. or checkout documentation shared by @Padmakumar 

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Thanks so much for the assistance.