AA11 CR login error

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error2error1Hi team

i am trying to login my control room of AA11, i have finished setting up user, password, QA

but the below error happened: "There was a problem in updating the Configuration data into Credential Vault"

i have copied CredentialVault.dat to "C:\ProgramData\AutomationAnywhere\Server Files\repository" folder, and restart all AA service. but the error still exists.

help me pls, thank you

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If you have database access to the control room, delete the user under the user table and login CR with admin credentials, and add the user again.

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Hi Kiran

i have deleted admin user data of user table, human_user table and user_role table.

now when i open CR page, it show me to input username, firstname, email....

how can i login CF with admin credentials? the credentials settings link is disable!


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Please use below article and see if it helps.>