AA.11.3.5 email issue

  • 3 January 2023
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The send email command is failing with the below error.


Username '' in email setting option and From Email '' within Send Email command should be same.Please ensure both emails are same and try again.

4 replies

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Hi @SK007 

Did you checked the email setting option, are you using the same from email id?

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its the same. besides, the username is not provided in the email settings


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Hi @SK007 

Can you share the screenshot of the step where its failing? 

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To enable email notifications, you must configure email settings first.

  1. Navigate to Tools > Options.

    The Options dialog box appears.

  2. Click Email Settings

    Note:You can also access Email Settings from the Notification tab available in the Properties tab on the workbench.

  3. Select an option to specify the Outgoing Mail Server:
    • SMTP
    • EWS
  4. Specify details of the email server:
    1. For the SMTP server, specify the following details:
      • Host: Host name of the email server.
      • Port: Port that you want to use to connect to the email server.
      • My server uses secure connection: Select this option if the email account uses secured connection.
      • My server requires authentication: Select this option if the mail server requires authentication, and provide the Username and Password.
    2. Version 11.3.4 For EWS server, specify the following details:
      • Domain Name: Domain name of the EWS server.
      • User Name: User name you want to use to connect to the email server.
      • Password: Password you want to use to connect to the email server.
      • Version 11.3.5Client ID and Tenant ID: Enter the unique client and tenant IDs generated when you registered the application in the Microsoft Azure portal. These fields are required for OAuth.
      • Exchange Version: Select an option from the list to specify the version of the EWS server you want to use.
      • Exchange Url: Specify the URL of the EWS server.

        You can click the Fetch option to populate the Exchange Url field based on the values you have provided in the User Name and Password fields.

  5. Select the Include Go Green message at the end of the email option if you want to include the go green message at the end of an email.
  6. Click Email Notification to set notification content.Enter a "From" and "To" email address as well as one or more email addresses to be notified. Also include a subject line and main body content for the email.

    Tip:Always try to include the TaskBot/ MetaBot Logic name with the variable <taskname> / <logicname>.