A360 On Prem V24 and V25 package downloads

  • 19 December 2022
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We want to upgrade our CR version to v25 since the problem of microsoft basic e-mail authentication in Exchange Online. Our current CR version is V21, on-prem.  In the page, it is recommended that our version is one of the n-3 versions before upgrading to v25 (n) version. Thus, where can we find the previous v24 and v25 packages to download?

In addition to this, we would like to ask to make sure that if we can solve the problem of microsoft basic e-mail authentication in Exchange Online just by upgrading the email package to 3.14.3-20220923-220748 without upgrading the CR to v25 version. If it is possible, where can we download Email package with OAuth 2.0 support? (I think its version is 3.14.3-20220923-220748) 

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@BMiray ,

Please request a Support case with Automation Anywhere in order to provide the  installation files you need.



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Hi @BMiray 

We cannot update the command package directly, place a support ticket with AA for getting additional assistance.

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Hi @BMiray ,


Answering your 2nd question first.


Microsoft has been deprecated their Exchange server basic authentication effective from 17 November. Refer below for further info on this. Hence, upgrading to the latest build will also not resolve the issue.


Now coming to your 1st question,

If your control room instance is On-prem, there is no option available to upgrade command packages straight away from the control room. The most recent package version will be auto updated if your control room instance is cloud based (Completely managing by AA).


You may reach out to the AA Support team for further assistance on previous builds.