Web Recorder with dynamically changing page titles

  • 28 April 2023
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Hello everyone,

I'm having trouble using the Web Recorder tool to extract data because the page title keeps changing dynamically, making it impossible to extract the information. For example, I want to automate a HubSpot engagement process, but every time I open a link, the page title appears with the customer's name. I cannot use the wildcard (*) because there are other pages open at the moment.

Can anyone help me with a solution to this issue?

Thank you.

4 replies

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Hi @yuyo73 ,

Did you try to include an “*” in the window title?

Maybe some part of the title changes, but some other remains the same.


Let me know if you tried it!



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Thank you, Daiana, for the quick response. Yes, I have tried using (*) but at runtime, I have a couple of windows open...

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Hi @yuyo73 ,

can you provide me some sample sample/example window titles which are getting changed every time and the window titles which are already opened or will be opened?


This data is just to check a unique way to place the wildcard (*). so  that BOT detects the required webpage uniquely.



Sai Teja Gayala

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Hu Yuyo,

The pages which opens with customer’s name in the title, is there any additional information/character in the title page like ‘hubspot’, ‘-’ which is common in all the pages?

Alternatively, you can try to automate hubSpot engagement process by manipulating DomX path of different customer links and ‘Get property’ action.