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I am using Community edition and previously captured a specific portion of a website using the Object (auto-detect) feature, with the technology type set to HTML. However, when I attempt to capture the same portion again using the same technology, it now captures the entire box instead of just the specific portion. Why is this happening? Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Earlier i was able to capture the particular text as shown in the image


Now When i am capturing whole box is getting captured and not the particular text in the box



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It appears that this is a dynamic page, and the information (even on the same account) is subject to change each time you access the page, when that happens, the DOMXPath and Path values change, which makes your original capture no longer valid, and the technology can’t find the object.

Examine the object properties on repeated access to the page and see if you can spot a pattern, or a unique id for the object, as the DOMXpath or Path isn’t static. It might be possible to use a wildcard, but you’d want to do more testing to see how the values of the properties change.

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